Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Security alert!

A few days back, Mr. Edafe's car was broken into and vandalized! He claimed other valuables official and personal stuffs too were stolen. This is not a good one at all. The guy just got a new job a few weeks back after about 8months of being at home jobless with a heavily pregnant wife and 2 kids! The job came with the brand new Camry!

How did it happen was the question on everyone's lips the next morning when he raised the alarm? We have a security man for goodness sake! This issue of insecurity is not just a national issue but one that concerns everyone of us.

My own question was, Why today? I have an early morning appointment! As I was excusing myself, our own Police men were arriving! What? Such rapid response for this matter? Mr. Edafe! Mr.Edafe!! Mr. Edafe!!! Haba, which kind talent wey you dey show us say u get na? Just simply arrest the security man!

You won't believe that the said Security-man, Salisu doesn't greet me even with the fact that I contribute to the payment of his monthly salary. Okay, I am not married, does that warrant such disrespect! He will answer at the Police Station as Mr. Edafe had had him arrested!


@ilola said...

Sorry about the stolen car. I hope they find it soon.

Singlenaijamum said...

@ilola, how far? mr. edafe's car wasn't stolen, its was broken into and vandalized.

Che said...

LOL @ Salisu hearing it @ the police station. No mind some of these security guys. Some can be disrespectful. Just ignore him and waka. But he should berra do his job well. Hope no one was hurt in the theft. Sorry about your neighbor's car.

Singlenaijamum said...

@Che,no bi small matter as regards this whole episode of Mr. Edafe's car. Salisu, hmmm, that one's case is a security issue in its self. I will give more gist later.

Take care of you. Xoxox