Friday, 25 January 2013

I Am Proud of My Status...A Single Mom

Friends, I now have a Nanny ( I refuse to call her house-help cos she is basically here to help Princess and not me.) So I am allowed to be lazy for a couple of weeks ( whenever I want to), that she will be with me. Breakfast in bed started the mornings.....beautiful. The thought of all that I have dreamed of doing if only I had an extra hand is all coming to me. What a wonderful world mine is becoming. Gosh! Tomorrow is Saturday! Yipppy! I am officially on public holiday, hehehehe. I love this life! I mean, I can be in bed for most of the morning and be rest assured that Princess is being looked after while I just lie down there is bed. Wonderful. Please, don't blame me for sounding like this, its been rough having to do so many things all at the same time by myself. And just when I want to little time to myself, I have to attend to a call her her Ladyship with "Mum, I need you to have a look at this for me". I get no quiet time in the mornings except that time she is off to bed. But that is not enough. SO you see, I am not going to be dealing with any guilt anymore at least for now, until further notice. This brings me to the main gist here. This image here was gotten from a friend's DP (display picture on her Blackberry). I liked it and decided to use it as my DP too. Little did I know that I was going to be getting some instant disapproval from my concerned friends. By the way, I am Proud of who I am but obviously my married girlfriend from way back when we were kids wasn't comfortable with it and she had to ping me continuously to 'address" the issue. She sent me a message "please don't be" "This is Africa"! What? I couldn't put it together. What was she talking about? I went "Huh"?. She replied, "Your display name of course" I asked her " What has Africa got to do with it? Goodness! She went on to explain. There is absolutely nothing ethically wrong with being a single the world over but here in Africa, there is everything wrong" For Real? Now I was more curious to hear her enlighten me. She continued, "First, the stigmatization. Secondly, Low self worth. Thirdly, Social , emotional strangulation and a host of others. My dear, this is the society we have found ourselves. Friends, I love my girlfriend and she is educated, sound and a good wife. Do I share her opinion? Do you agree with her on this? DO you really believe our society has left single moms to our fate because it is "Africa" ? It got me.I am not going to accept what the society thinks of my status as a Single mother and doing something about it for me is just the right step I am taking. I want to thank ZEAL who is a proud single mother too and is doing something about it as she has dedicated a song in her next forth coming album to single mothers in Nigeria, Africa and the world over. "IF I were to be ashamed of my choices, I wouldn't be Ritty - SingleNaijaMum! Do have a lovely weekend

Monday, 21 January 2013

What Are The Challenges of Relationships And Marriages

I am at a point when I am opened to a lot of emotional challenges and find myself being there for people to want to share their hurts and pains with me. Do I have my own loads of baggage? Of course I do, who doesn't. Do I cry these pains away? I wish. I am sharing this, I hope to get answers that might just be helping someone who is hurting too. A friend, MIU, posted it.
At what point in a relationship do we recognize that, "this is the person I want to spend the rest of my life with" when in truth we don't have the benefit of knowing what tomorrow might bring? Could this be the very challenge of relationships and marriages because, along the line (in that future) comes someone more compatible, more compassionate, more loving, resonating to the very sentiments of ...our own heart, and we are momentarily troubled with the choices we had made. At this point, that statement: "this is the person I want to spend the rest of my life with" comes under threat. How can one prevent boxing himself or herself into such corners at the presence and experience of that emotional buzz called love?

Friday, 18 January 2013

Rewarded for Friending Che (CEO,Revampdefinition)

I have been blogging for a little over a year now and I have come to know a few friends. Some I have known before now and others , while here on Blogville. One of such wonderful ladies is @Che, (Naija Bank Girl, now CEO, Revampdefinition)
I have followed her ever since she started leaving comments on my blog and its been a wonderful relationship ever since. Earlier this year, she posted on her blog of her new venture and business and invited all of Blogville to check it out and out of excitement went on to quickly check out the site/blog and was the first to be her friends. Sent her a comment of being her first friend. Was very surprised when I got a mail from her asking me for contact details for a surprise package that will be sent to me. Two days ago Tuesday 15th, January, I got a call from a number that wasn't registered in my phone. I picked with caution but the female voice on the other end made jokes at the way I answered. Was I shocked when I learnt that the caller was @Che -Naija Bank Girl! The Latest CEO in Town! Wow! I mean, I am "meeting' my girlfriend from Obodo Blogville for the very first time!
Well, after all the screaming, laughter and giggling ( She sounds so sweet on the phone, you should have her call you anytime you are down). She told me of my Revamdefinition surprise package to be delivered by Red Star Express Courier service the next day (Wednesday 16th). More screaming. So excited that I kept imagining what the content would be.
At last the package was delivered like she had said . Did I expect what I got? The answer is no. Che, completely blew my mind. I mean everything lovely was in that parcel! She didn't leave Princess out of it. She got a lovely Alice band. This is to everyone who loves Che, she is a darling. And to those who visit other blogs and leave comment and add other bloggers as friends, I say, it pays. I got rewarded when I least expected it. # You might just get a surprise visit from the post man too courtesy Madam CEO, Che. Visit her blog today

Friday, 11 January 2013

Positioned To be Found by Love.

It is a common read on most site/forums, newpapers of predictions for 2013 for individuals, the nation, the world at large by some very prominent and others not so prominent Pastors, Bishops, GOs and Men of God. Even individuals are not left out. I am not against any of these, not at all.I have read as many of them as possible. Nothing bad in knowing what the future holds jare. I came across a write up that is in line with all of these predictions, resolutions and it got me thinking. Yeah, even me! I know I told myself that I wasn't going to be all wrapped up with the phobia of writing new year resolutions ( some that I get to forget before May of same year). Now, did I say finding love or positioning myself to be found by love could be something I should give a thought this year? Hmmm. Maybe, lol.
The following 10 Tips I read could just be as helpful in ways I least expect. I am sharing this with you all my friends and would want to read your comments, advice because I have become so frigid that these love talk means nothing to me anymore...oops! Happy reading 10 Tips for Finding True Love and Happiness 1. Leave the past in the past When you meet someone new, leave any negative feelings or past heartbreaks just where they should be—in the past. 2. You won’t meet someone new in your living room Well, maybe a cute guy will deliver your new sofa, but chances are you’re going to meet someone by getting out there and trying new things—online dating, taking a class, etc. Tell everyone, especially your married friends that you’re looking to meet someone and ALWAYS go to parties. Because you truly never know who you’ll meet. 3. Give the guy a chance When you were 20 your list was “he must be tall, dark and handsome.” Try going against type. It just might be a perfect fit. 4. Look at blind dates like a first date 5. Time is on your side Take your time in getting to know your guy and don’t feel in a rush. It starts with the two of you. Make sure this is someone you want in your life. 6. Isn’t it romantic? Just because you’re meeting the love of your life later in life doesn’t mean you can’t still have passionate, amazing sex! “Go for it!” 7. Someone to come home to 8. What’s up with a pre-nup? 9. Your wedding, your way Now you’re in love and it’s time to have your wedding exactly how you want it. Remember it is all about you and the man of your dreams. Whatever you want is the way to go. 10. Happily ever after can happen to you “It’s never too late to find true love. Let me hear from you please. Thank you. Thank God its Friday. Have a lovely weekend Culled: Source

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Mom Con , A Good Read.

Recently, I have started taking reading books to a whole new level.  Should I call this one of my new year resolutions? Hmmm. Let's see how it goes. One thing however is that the title of the books play a very vital role in the choice of book.

A typical example  is this one by K. Morris, Mom Con. The story is about Anita Henry, a hard-working, single mom trying to launch her own business after losing her job. The only problem is a nasty lawsuit charging her with stealing secrets from her ex-employer.

Corporate espionage? Please. Her single greatest offense was a fashion felony. But when a shady court ruling forces Anita to cease and desist, she’s determined to set things right.

Her plan involves launching the hippest night spot in town, but can she work her scheme while juggling her brother the musician, who likes her couch just a little too much; his manager, who’s prone to some sketchy accounting practices; an ex-husband who can’t seem to remember those child support payments; and an old flame who wouldn't mind heating things up again?

Would you want a copy? Giveaways.................

Mom Con, Published December 2nd 2012 by Axe Publishing

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Happy New Year Friends

Happy New Year my dear friends. There is so much to be thankful for. I am grateful to God for keeping me, Princess, my whole family throughtout the last year.

Its was a year like no other but I am still around, that means only one thing in my book right now.....I am a Survivor.

Against all odds, I conquered death! I didnt let the many times that I was so low in life to make me take my life.

I decided to heal, I began exhaling more via blogging.  I am getting there.

To everyone who stood by me throughout this past year, I want to say a very big thank you.  I am not yet there yet so please don't leave me now.  There is still much work to do to get me all 'cleaned' up to be that woman, mother I know I am meant, created to be.

Do I have any new year resolutions?  Hmmm, I should but I am still a work-in-progress, working it out daily, committing it all into the Master's hand. That's a better resolution.

Love you all plenty

Happy New Year
Ritty n Princess