Friday, 11 May 2012

Owambe party............

It's been a wonderful week to say the lest. I would have sworn I was going to crash under the heavy weight of some pressures and challenges I passed through this week but not this babe, I too much ( na God o). I thank God for His mercies and grace. Sometimes you just want to run away, go exhale somewhere and come back refreshed and all that.

Thank God it's Friday and here we go again for another "owambe" preparations. Am telling you guys, this is serious o. I really need to exhale before i come breakdown. It's a friend's church wedding tomorrow and i am sure i am set already.

Checking to ensure everything is in place, hair ( checked) , nails ( checked), shoe, bag and accessories ( checked). Hehehehe. I am laughing seriously as I write this. Who would have believed that my activation would be this fast, lol. I am taking it seriously, life is too short jare. To complete the packaging, I just got a call from my tailor alias designer , that my "aso ebi" is ready! Gbam! This my social life activated mood is getting groovier and groovier, lol.

I am getting there, na small small. I wish everyone out there a lovely weekend.

Have fun!


@ilola said...

Na wa ooo. Enjoy your weekend sha

Ritty said...

@ilola, my dear, no bi small thing, I am going to try my best, lol. I hope you have plans too.