Thursday, 3 May 2012

My Lil Princess ,........... Aristotle in the making

I can be a very composed woman but yesterday wasn't one of those days. Noo, I couldn't hold this particular one in. I screamed as I opened the letter that Lil Princess handed over to me from her school.

Before I go any further, let me hold u all in this little suspense, its a healthy one, not to worry,lol.

A few days back, my Lil Princess recovered from malaria attack. To help brighten her up we went shopping , bought her a few new clothes ( even though she asked that I take her to get ice cream from this shopping mall in particular). Well, just say  i expected it, lol.

Earlier on Saturday,my 'friendly' neighbour, the one and only Mrs Pius, came around to make sure that I was 'formally' informed of her daughter success at the last common entrance into secondary school. she went out of her way to go into every detail on how her 10years old made the list into one the elite all girl's secondary school.

Of course, she talked me down on how  i have allowed my girl even attempt taking the exams at all but should have waited till she is in Primary 5 before she can attempt hers. I kept quiet and allowed her have her filled day. I bet now, she will be wishing she never said those things, but its all good.

Now back to why I screamed. Yesterday, my on 'Aristotle' came with a letter of admission into Junior Secondary School come this September 2012 from Primary 4!

Its double celebration for her as she will be 9years this month!

I am proud and happy mum if i say so myself.


@ilola said...

Eeya,congrats o. Thank God for you and your daughter.

Reminds me of me. I went to school form Primary 4, at the age of eight.

singlenaijamum said...

@ Ilola, thank you so much dear. Gifted kids ( like yourself and my Princess) abound a lot these days.

I am grateful for the priviledge to be the mother of one.

Girlfriend, I am yet to get my e-book, what's up with it, no do ojoro abeg, lol.