Thursday, 17 May 2012


Attention everyone, this is it, I can't bottle it inside anymore, I want to let it out before it kills me literally. Please, permit me to openly confess these 'sins' of mine.

Ooh yes, I have so much bottled up. "Exhale baby girl" I tell myself. Healing time begins!

I have a confession. ( A long list at that)

Here goes, not joking please.

1. I confess that I am addicted to Wendy Williams Show on BET! Wow! Exhale baby girl! That was heavy! Okay, go on, let it out! 'I even have a bra I named Wendy' This is standing in for the main *surgery* I may never have to enhance my 'boobies'!

2. Wish I can wish away the way I procrastinate! Oh Lord, help me!

3. I day dream away and await when my fairy godmother will show up and wave her magic wand and these crawling things around the apartment will be transformed into servants that will be at my beck and call ensuring that the house is in a very clean and tidy state and I won't have to lift a finger. Oh gush! I wish!

4. True, I have been denied visas here n there so, I resolved that I even bother anymore cos the different embassies will come and apologise with multiple entry visas in hand and in another hand full diplomatic citizenship document for me and my Lil Princess! I mean vacation outside the shores of these land should be at the snap of our fingers!

I have a secret, I have a confession! This is easing the weight! Thank goodness.

5. So want to spoil ourselves as often as we find the time to enter our favourite mall! Master cards to the rescue.

6. I confess even here as much as I would crave to be loved again, in the arms of that hunk, I always want a life time of peace where I won't be scared if he will stay and love us for who we are. Do I believe in true love finding me again? That's where I tell myself 'keep that dream line open'just maybe.

Wow! I have tried , didn't think I could do this, but I did!


@ilola said...

These confessions seem to mean a lot to you. So I will say thumbs up

Ritty said...

@ilola, how are you doing babe. Thank you for your comment. I am not sure I am doing as well as I am suppose to but I am trying to let off some of these 'sins' so I am be light again.

I appreciate again.