Friday, 30 November 2012

Awakening The Activist in Me

My dear friends, being a parent is just beautiful. As I sit in my favourite spot in my room, all relaxed and exhaling calmly, I cannot but thank God enough for the privilege of being a mother.

Listening to RoofTop Mc's song, I agree that I should be hit with a base ball bat to bring me back to reality..

I am an activist for the right of single mothers in my capacity. Oh yes! It getting to that. I mean, who speaks for us? I recently started chatting some single ladies I noticed hawking "agege bread", just to heard their side o their storied. A lot of revelations made me curl up inside and  I decided to "do something" about it.

I want to believe that there are laws in place safe guarding these issues as regards the rights and privilleges of the average Nigerian woman and her children as the case maybe. I am not a lawyer but I am curious enough to dig into all in the Law tat partains to this.

I mean, as thought provoking as this is, Princess came back from school within the week and I noticed marks on her arm! What? From where? By whom?  Whatever reason? To te extent that are skin is all d? Wow! I am on the verge of exploding! Is there no Law on punishing a cild in any school in Lagos / Nigeria? I need ome education!

I calmly asked her what happened and was shocked as reply. She explained that the bell was rang for lunch n l h tudents were expected to go t the dinning hll u h as o ngorssed in the literature novel ( Oliver Twist) she was reading that she did not hear the bell. The next thing was random caning by one of her teachers!

I really wanted to get to the root of the matter an and I called up her class teacher. He wasn't aware of what transpired and I didn't buy that at all. A few calls and twits later, I was made to understand that there is a law enacted to curb these excesses. Maybe some other parents might take it lying low, I completely don't approve of the use of cane on a child to the extent that the skin is the skin is torned up like what I saw on my Princess.

I have called the attention of the school authority t tis sa next time would not be taken so lighty.

 Do you all think I over did it? I am digging into reading more on the rights and privilleges of the opressed women and child. Who knows, I might just save a soul!

Mind Your Language

. SpS

I had thought this would be easy to put together but its been a roller coster week for me as Christmas hustling and traffic congestion in Lagos metropolis is at its peak.

I have sat down on my desk in the last two night but never got to conclude on which on Monica's stories from the NYSC orientation camp should come first.  At least that's what I thought until this happened in my very presence today.

Many a time, especially when we travel to another state, country we get the impression that our dialect can be used to get away with any vices or tight corners as the case maybe.  One of such was the case today when I stopped by a shop to buy some provisions for the house. One look at me, would give me away as a lady from the South South of Nigeria (Ibo, Calabar, Efik) and so was the impression with these sales girls. Just because I made enquiries that offended them, they went ahead and were insulting me in Yoruba. Unknown to them, I was born, bred, even nationalise here in Lagos, so tell me, how can I not understand all the polite insult these small pikins were throwing in my direction all while saying 'aunty mi' to moi?  I ignored them until I was through with my shopping and gave a tip to one of them that never contributed to the whole show but kept quiet. They were shocked to their bones of course on hearing me speak my second language without giving myself away as from the South South of the Country (*winks).

So back to Monica's gist how some Businessman lost clients ( Corpers) as a result of his using his language to his detriment. A very vital point in business dealings I must say. She sais in the camp, they are expected to be clean always in their white Tshirts and short ( Bum shorts for some fashionistas). This meant that the washing would have to be given out to dry-cleaners in the area.  Of course, that was no problem for the smart ones who had quickly taken advantage of the resumption of the Corpers to the camp.

The price list was like this: Tshirt = N50, Short =N50,  Socks = N20, Shoes=N50

The locals made brisk business from these Corpers no bi joke.There was no time to be doing all the washing and be able to meet up with other scheduled activities at the camp. These were washed, ironed, packaged and delivered in nylons . So imagine having 100 Corpers as clients?  Wow! Even 20 was enough. There was this particular guy who happen to have a client in Monica's room, other rooted for another guy. On the day he came to deliver the washed clothes, his client wasn't around and so he was asked to drop them with another of her room mate. Instead of just dropping the clothes or objecting to and come again another time, the guy just went on insulting the client's friend in the 'dry-cleaner's local language not knowing that one of the other room mates understood every word.

That simply sealed it for him as it was not clear that no one else would now be using him. He lost all  and if not much more.

What's the morale of this? I would say never insult your client whether in English or any other language in his presence or that of this friends.  It's bad for business.

Have you had any such experience

Monday, 26 November 2012

Medical Check ups, how often do you get one?

The weekend was fabulous as I had time to rest very well. I really needed one as my health had become a major concern to me recently.

My girlfriend, Rosemary, had her traditional wedding on Saturday ( I had planned and gotten my camera ready for full digital covering of the event but for my health).

*Rosemary is a Ghanaian. We have been friends for years now and I was looking forward to witnessing her traditional wedding if not for anything  but to have an idea of what its like.

Hmmm, my friends, I was adviced to take things easy but when you are young and agile, you think your energy level will always remain as it was when you were 18years old. Well, so off to the hospital I went on thursday to do some check up, especially as I was always feeling like fainting so very often.

Just like I had assummed, my Blood Pressure was on the rise. The nurse looked at me and asked what I have been thinking?  Inside of me, I quietly wondered what have I not been thinking?  Oh yes, you slowing drift away into that thought world of yours hwere everything gets solved just by your thinking about it.  I am only human and a single mother who wants the best for her Princess.

I made up my mind to calm down take things easy. I don't know how it started but I decided to follow all the advice my doctor gave me and take my medications too.

I missed the wedding and slept in all weekend. I did go to church though but that was all.  I value life and would want to live long enough to be there for Princess as she growns up.

I miss my little niece Monica.who was posted to her orientation camp in Makurdi will be coming back home on Tuesday ( getting home will be Wednesday ) in preparation for the one year compulsory National Youth Service (NIgeria) . She has been filling me in on a lost of gist from the Orientation camp. I have a whole book of some of these gist.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Right From The Cooking Pot!

 Hello friends, its been a while since I was here last, its been a lot of work trying to put finishing touches to things as the year draws to a close.

I know I have missed a lot of you especially YOU. Thank you for your emails. I really appreciate it.

I want to share this particular post with as many of you that likes food and especially home cooked meals prepared specially by our loved one ( who know how to cook).  For me, I steal time away to go to the one person who is an expert on this matter - my fairy godmother!
Hmmm, trust me she is good. Who say Calabar ( Efik) Efik woman no sabi cook?

Please note that you will have to specially request for the recipes of these ones in the pictures and others that I will be bringing your way much later.  I just know how to eat, shikena!

Have a lovely weekend everyone.