Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Security alert!

A few days back, Mr. Edafe's car was broken into and vandalized! He claimed other valuables official and personal stuffs too were stolen. This is not a good one at all. The guy just got a new job a few weeks back after about 8months of being at home jobless with a heavily pregnant wife and 2 kids! The job came with the brand new Camry!

How did it happen was the question on everyone's lips the next morning when he raised the alarm? We have a security man for goodness sake! This issue of insecurity is not just a national issue but one that concerns everyone of us.

My own question was, Why today? I have an early morning appointment! As I was excusing myself, our own Police men were arriving! What? Such rapid response for this matter? Mr. Edafe! Mr.Edafe!! Mr. Edafe!!! Haba, which kind talent wey you dey show us say u get na? Just simply arrest the security man!

You won't believe that the said Security-man, Salisu doesn't greet me even with the fact that I contribute to the payment of his monthly salary. Okay, I am not married, does that warrant such disrespect! He will answer at the Police Station as Mr. Edafe had had him arrested!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Happy Birthday to my Lil Princess

Happy birthday to my Lil Princess! She is a year today. She looks all grown up and so beautiful.

Its been a wonderful day for the Angel of my life. I am so grateful to God for choosing me to be the mother of this bundle of blessing.

She had a small celebration with her classmates in her school. When she got back from school, we both went to watch a movie. It was fun, just the two of us . There were birthday wishes, calls, text messages from friends, relatives and well wishers, all day.

Thank God for a beautiful day

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Morning break.......needful

It is no secret how hectic the life of a single mother can be no matter the part of the world, and mine is no exception. The challenges are so similar irrespective the race or country,if not the same . A mother is a mother, single or married.

I wonder how other mothers are coping with all of these challenges daily!

From my corner of the globe, its a handful. From am to pm! When do I get to enjoy my 'me-time'? I crave for these free moments just like this moment as I write this post, but its never enough. I wish I could have more. There is so much to catch up to and with. Time just seems to be running very fast. There is no time!

Our daily lives, Lil Princess and I, are full of so much to sort out, the time-table doesn't seem to be doing it for me lately. Yes, I have a time-table for most of our activities. Strange, but I had to, cos I don't want to miss out on any important thing we need to do daily or else I will just break down. Gush!

Oh fairy godmother, please, do show up! I need a miracle today! I know, I am a Christian and fairy godmothers only show up in cartoon movies for kids ( I am a little kid inside I guess, lol).

This morning, I rushed my household through morning devotion, bath, dressing up, breakfast, hugs and kisses, to school. Wow! I have my little time to exhale and do this and get ready to go out

I need to say, I had woken up by 4:40am, done my own prayer time, get freshened up, prepare breakfast and packed lunch box for my Angel. This is daily.

I have to get a lot done today as tomorrow is Lil Princess's birthday! Oooh yes. Its a big celebration for us. I am a blessed woman .

I will be back later tonight to 'exhale' again.

Have a great day everyone. Big hugs :)

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Exhale, let it out!

I am all calm,relaxed with a satifaction coming from deep within, knowing that I am getting 'there' gradually, amazing that I can come this close to discovering myself all over again.

My whole experience has had its toll on my subconscious mind. Yes, broken is putting it lightly. But that's all going into my past now. A new day is dawning and the beauty from deep withing is beginning to radiate the real woman on the inside.

Its a wonder how I have survived this long but its all good cos I am alive to tell the story. Each, I am choosing what to accept as the truth and the reality. My world is becoming more enlarged becos of this new re-discovery.

I am loving my world , my Lil Princess, oh the wonder that has defined me these past years! I am so grateful to God to everything, most especially that I can "exhale"

I hope you all had a wonderful and beautiful funfilled weekedn ( cos we did), lol.

God bless. Thank you sharing our world with us

Thursday, 17 May 2012


Attention everyone, this is it, I can't bottle it inside anymore, I want to let it out before it kills me literally. Please, permit me to openly confess these 'sins' of mine.

Ooh yes, I have so much bottled up. "Exhale baby girl" I tell myself. Healing time begins!

I have a confession. ( A long list at that)

Here goes, not joking please.

1. I confess that I am addicted to Wendy Williams Show on BET! Wow! Exhale baby girl! That was heavy! Okay, go on, let it out! 'I even have a bra I named Wendy' This is standing in for the main *surgery* I may never have to enhance my 'boobies'!

2. Wish I can wish away the way I procrastinate! Oh Lord, help me!

3. I day dream away and await when my fairy godmother will show up and wave her magic wand and these crawling things around the apartment will be transformed into servants that will be at my beck and call ensuring that the house is in a very clean and tidy state and I won't have to lift a finger. Oh gush! I wish!

4. True, I have been denied visas here n there so, I resolved that I even bother anymore cos the different embassies will come and apologise with multiple entry visas in hand and in another hand full diplomatic citizenship document for me and my Lil Princess! I mean vacation outside the shores of these land should be at the snap of our fingers!

I have a secret, I have a confession! This is easing the weight! Thank goodness.

5. So want to spoil ourselves as often as we find the time to enter our favourite mall! Master cards to the rescue.

6. I confess even here as much as I would crave to be loved again, in the arms of that hunk, I always want a life time of peace where I won't be scared if he will stay and love us for who we are. Do I believe in true love finding me again? That's where I tell myself 'keep that dream line open'just maybe.

Wow! I have tried , didn't think I could do this, but I did!

Mummy, I want to Weather man!

Hello everyone. How has your week been thus far?. I am still trying to come to terms with being a blogger, I must confess that I have so much to learn . However, I must confess that its been a healthy medium for me to exhale and this will definitely help keep the spirit of blogging going as I have so much exhaling to do, lol.

I realized that I am yet to give you all a complete load down of what happened at the said party on Saturday. I have however some very pressing issues that have been disturbing my peace of mind. How else do can I calm down than to come and "exhale" here?.

A friend called me to ask what is the meaning of "Owambe" party was. My sincere apologies everyone for taking it for granted that you knew the meaning of the Nigerian word. It is usually used to describe a bubbling party most especially the ones organized by the yorubas from the Eastern part of Nigeria. Literally, it means " its happening there".

I am not from the Eastern part but for the fact that I was born and grew up here, I believe it makes me a bonafide daughter of this land ( because, if na USA dem born me put, I for don bi Yankee citizen since tey tey!) .

These days, I am trying so much to take my health into serious considerations. Oh yes! I cant afford to be breaking down like the last time but when the changing weather keeping giving my Lil Princess enough reason to ask to curl up in bed every morning, then I have a problem on my hands.

Yesterday evening, my lil Pumpkim, came back from school and was looking so worried. I panicked and wanted to know what happened to her in school. Her response shocked me! "Mummy, i dont want to go to school tomorrow" "Why" I asked and her respond is " I dont sleep very well" " How do you mean" and she went on to explain how before she closes her eyes and open its morning and she will still be feeling very sleepy.

I have to consult Heavenly weather man to help do something about it for my little girl. Adults have can certainly adjust to the global changing weather but my little Pumpkin

needs her beauty sleep or else.........

Who do I call? 911?

Friday, 11 May 2012

Owambe party............

It's been a wonderful week to say the lest. I would have sworn I was going to crash under the heavy weight of some pressures and challenges I passed through this week but not this babe, I too much ( na God o). I thank God for His mercies and grace. Sometimes you just want to run away, go exhale somewhere and come back refreshed and all that.

Thank God it's Friday and here we go again for another "owambe" preparations. Am telling you guys, this is serious o. I really need to exhale before i come breakdown. It's a friend's church wedding tomorrow and i am sure i am set already.

Checking to ensure everything is in place, hair ( checked) , nails ( checked), shoe, bag and accessories ( checked). Hehehehe. I am laughing seriously as I write this. Who would have believed that my activation would be this fast, lol. I am taking it seriously, life is too short jare. To complete the packaging, I just got a call from my tailor alias designer , that my "aso ebi" is ready! Gbam! This my social life activated mood is getting groovier and groovier, lol.

I am getting there, na small small. I wish everyone out there a lovely weekend.

Have fun!

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The Truth According to a striking Doctor.

My amebo is too much sef! Haba! na only me be first to get malaria and coincidentally happen to go to the government hospital on the day the Lagos state government employed medical doctors decide to go on strike? Na wah!

Yes, Tolu gave me her own version of the issue on ground, below is vivid description according to a spokes person for the striking Medical Doctors

Ibeme Nnamdi wrote:

For your information; Issues concerning the Nigerian Medical Association,Medical guild of Lagos. The consolidated medical salary scale is the salary structure designed by the federal government 4years ago with the aim of providing a uniform salary scale for doctors irrespective of the state,kind of hospital,and specialization. With an annual increment denoting years of experience. Most states in the country immediately began paying "Conmess" in full. 2years after this,the medical guild wrote several letters to the government to remind them of "Conmess" as they were yet to be paid. The governor then SIGNED an agreement that he would commence payment in 2011 with arrears being owed.

The federal government made it clear that if conmess is paid, Doctors would ignore the poor work conditions,work extended hours like they have been but this time they would be happy doing it, they wouldn't have to leave the country to work abroad, more people would be encouraged to train as doctors and the health of the people would be secured. Tax was increased, conmess was not paid, work conditions were not improved, doctor's lives were lost to stress related illnesses. Call rooms were not provided for doctors on call.

When Mr Fashola was reminded in January,he simply said the President couldn't dictate how much he would pay doctors in his state,and the tax increase was necessary so we can get used to it INCASE he agrees to implement conmess! He said he couldn't afford to pay conmess(but could plan the most expensive birthday party in the World for Mr Tinubu) We then embarked on a legal 3day warning strike with prior notice to sensitize the people and remind the government of the signed agreement On resumption,all doctors were given individual query letters(for a joint action?). Another one was issued,then letters were issued for "call to panel / impending dismissal from duty".

A week later, armour tanks were brought to all lagos general hospitals and teaching hospital Lasuth ikeja,with doctors walked out of their clinics while seeing patients. The Med guild immediately called for an indefinite strike and the lagos state government sued for breech of agreement and Victimisation of doctors. Fake pay slips were published in the papers 2weeks ago claiming doctors were being paid as much as 900,000 whereas a medical professor of 20years has never been paid as much as 500,000.

A Neurosurgeon(brain surgeon) consultant still collects 171,000 as salary. Be informed we have only less dan 20 in Nigeria(2of them with lagos state,they trained in America,they have both been sacked!).They work round the clock(we have enough head injuries daily due to road traffic accidents). 3days ago,we were issued sack letters and 97 doctors(not 373 like u heard) were employed as locum doctors (doctors paid per hour). These locum doctors need residents and consultants to put them through. It takes years of experience to perform a caesarian section on a woman or a brain surgery(esp bore hole to relieve increased brain pressure or blood in d brain) or an appendectomy or treat a sick child or even to help a mentally ill patient.

NMA has made it clear that the newly appointed doctors should not & would not accept the job offer,and that all doctors across the nation would join in the strike against victimization on friday after the on going professional exams. The issue is now beyond CONMESS struggle - the government is aiming to devour the medical and dental profession. Be informed that doctors are not slaves,our Hippocratic oath explains that we owe an obligation to our patients and they owe an obligation to us and our services must be paid for.

Thanks for taking time to read this. I hope you have been well informed.

NB: * Conmess* (Consolidated medical salary structure)

Health is wealth.......let the court remind our government.

My day began on a very happy note, at least until I got a call from my girlfriend, Dr. Toluwase A. She was returning my call of yesterday. I was glad because I wanted to know how if she was affected or not by the sacking of medical doctors by the Lagos State Government.

My interest in knowing about this whole saga is as a result of our being sick on the eve of the on going strike ( 15 days sit at ahome striking doctors).

Ok, the truth is, i like getting to the bottom of issues, as in, amebo is healthy abeg.  so I went on to ask Tolu what the real crux of the matter is, below is how she explained it via bbm:

Tolu: Really worked up right now with dis doctor/govt palava. I work with Lagos State government and its very sad the way the government is handling it affairs.

Me: Pe le dear. I have a few other medical doctors as friends working with the sate governement too, I just hope they are not affected.

Tolu: I am not affected but I am in agreement with the course. its so unfair how we are treated . Its just an insult to the profession though my name wasn't mentioned but I have not been going to work and won't go to work until its been resolved.

Me: Babe, give me a summary of the whole issue please. I really don't understand.

Tolu: The public thinks doctors are selfish and inconsiderate but they won't pay our bills,dey don't knw the kinds of hazards we are exposed to everyday. I work in the Tuberculosis / HIV centre.

Me: Ha! eeya.

Tolu:Many have come down with HIV / AIDS and TB,hepatitis so if it is the money they can't even pay us its only God that can pay us but keep ur own little agreement what we are asking for. Its 13 months going with different warning strike letters ,they are still defaulting in all that was agreed on. They even demoted Doctors to 4 levels down and now they go sacking!

There is a court proceeding which starts by 10am today ( 9/5/12). The outcome of this will go a long way to determine the next course of action.  NMA which is the National body wants to go on an indefinite strike which will collapse the  Federal health care if they don't reverse the sack.

Me: na whaoooo. All the best o. This is a a case of when two Elephants fight na the grass they suffer.

I have to go girl. have a great day. Enjoy ur compulsory leave.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Re: so battered..... this should be Stopped -Eunice Becker Ikwueto delivers a baby boy!

A few months back, i wrote about a young lady who was badly battered by her loving husband. She is here again in my write up on my blog!

Eunice just delivered another baby boy! Yes, know what you might be itching to ask, as it is, I don't have most of the answers, and yes, the baby is for her husband. She was 2 months pregnant when he beat her up like that the last time.

This is saying a big congratulation to her and welcoming the baby to our beautiful world ( he survived , so he too must be a strong willed boy)

Social life activated

This week has been another eventful one for us even amist all the hard work on my side and studying, homework on Lil Princess's part.

Tuesday was May 1st - Worker's day and it was declared a public holiday in Nigeria. A lot of different events and parties in different centers, halls, open fields and homes had it going on. We just happened to attend one of them and it was fun.

An old school mate was celebrating her daughter's birthday and we were invited. It was fun, so not planned but fun. Parents ( ex college mate) used the opportunity to turn the party into  a reunion party, lol.

I like the feel of cutting loose and just relaxing most especially amongs friends, family and loved ones.

Lil Princes showed off her swag on the dance floor and won a price. Oooh no, don't ask, I was just okay chilling in my seat, lol and still got a special gift from my girlfriend for coming. (She thinks that it will ginger me into  accepting another invitation to come out next time ( gush! its so glaring that I don't have a social life ). I am working towards improving on it though.

A round up of a wonderful week. We had fun, we hope did too.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend. Have fun *wink*

Thursday, 3 May 2012

My Lil Princess ,........... Aristotle in the making

I can be a very composed woman but yesterday wasn't one of those days. Noo, I couldn't hold this particular one in. I screamed as I opened the letter that Lil Princess handed over to me from her school.

Before I go any further, let me hold u all in this little suspense, its a healthy one, not to worry,lol.

A few days back, my Lil Princess recovered from malaria attack. To help brighten her up we went shopping , bought her a few new clothes ( even though she asked that I take her to get ice cream from this shopping mall in particular). Well, just say  i expected it, lol.

Earlier on Saturday,my 'friendly' neighbour, the one and only Mrs Pius, came around to make sure that I was 'formally' informed of her daughter success at the last common entrance into secondary school. she went out of her way to go into every detail on how her 10years old made the list into one the elite all girl's secondary school.

Of course, she talked me down on how  i have allowed my girl even attempt taking the exams at all but should have waited till she is in Primary 5 before she can attempt hers. I kept quiet and allowed her have her filled day. I bet now, she will be wishing she never said those things, but its all good.

Now back to why I screamed. Yesterday, my on 'Aristotle' came with a letter of admission into Junior Secondary School come this September 2012 from Primary 4!

Its double celebration for her as she will be 9years this month!

I am proud and happy mum if i say so myself.