Friday, 28 December 2012

A Penny for my Thought.....Updating Relationship Status

Is it wrong to be changing and updating my relationship status on social forums?

 I am the only single one left in my family. My baby sister just got married yesterday, do I change my status just to feel among?  This post hits the bulls eye! What do you think? My mystery writer allowed me to share this again.

People continue to update their relationship status- from single to engaged and complicated back to single and a few weeks later, back to engaged. This seems to suggest a growing business of relationship confusion and perhaps heart break and impending depression. You have a problem when everyone you have dated is either "a useless man," a hopeless womanizer, or a "good for noting bastard". How come you are the only one all these bad guys are seeing? Meanwhile, the same guys are getting married and loving someone elsewhere. Could it be that you were too impatient, too desperate or simply intolerant in your search for a Mr Right cum Mr Perfect? How many times do you want your heart broken before you decide that the heart is now in bits and start remolding and mending it before representing it again to be loved?
Are you the type of woman you want your brother to bring home for a wife? If you think you are, then convince him and not convict him.
Well, as you can see, the year is almost rounding up, and with the few days left, you may meet some great people but it would not be until next year for that ring to enter your finger. Meanwhile, as your friends can no longer join your clubbing life style because of their impending wedding next year, you may have to reconsider your life style; Even those other ones with whom you usually share baby-sitting cost to save money for clubbing, are getting married next year. Then when you accept free flight tickets from near- strangers, just know that he intends to key out his money worth before you go- so get ready, keep it clean and less busy prior to your departure- and forget about his promises of "I go marry" which comes with "by gods grace" anyway. It does not mean much and some of us even hear our own voices making these promises- so don't take it serious. So try something new, like a new life style, attracting those friends whom, even if it does not end in marriage can still count you as a friend; stop getting pregnant for strangers in the hope that they might stay; if they stayed, it would be because of the child, not because of you, so? See a change in yourself and everything else might just fall into place. Do this and see whether it will not be you sending out cards to your friends in 2013.

Cheating and what Exodus says

Hello friends, compliment of the season. How have you all been? Its been hectic this festive season; shopping, traffic, meeting deadlines, etc. I am  Survivour, made it.

I want to thank God for making yesterday a reality, my baby sister got married to her hearthrob of 5 years. hmmm, not that I particularly like long courtship but happy that yesterday became a reality.

In the course of our being at the Registry yesterday, I listened as a small group argued away seriously on the issue of marriage after wedding and cheating and its causes. This brought me to a write up a friend had on his page. I have asked for his permission to share ( there are more thought provoking write ups by him that I will be posting later). Happy reading

Cheating is already bad enough, but being foolish in concealing the acts and exposing others to hurt is outright idiocy. How could you go and save your guys name as "Mike the Plumber." What plumber calls his clients at 12midnight? Or when did plumbers start making check calls? If you must cheat, at least save the names in your phone like a wise somebody. There must be one uncle or Aunty that your partner don't like in your family and that can come off handy here. If the uncle's name is Tony and you know that your wife dont talk to him (because he opposed the marriage) by all means use him. If your babes name is Tessy, just save as "Uncle Tee." He has every reason to call at midnight and guess what, madam will put off the phone direct to voice mail herself once she sees the name. The same goes for her, if his name is Amadi and your Husband does not like that your Aunty Edna who thinks that he is good for noting good digger. Just transfer Amadi and save as "Aunty Mimi" and guess what will happen when the idiot calls you at Midnight? Oga will remove your phone battery. So please look at Exodus 20:14.

Friday, 14 December 2012

The Mad Rush

I am going shopping this weekend just to fullfill all righteousness.  Yes. I hate this mad rush this time of the year, every year but what can I do?  Nothing. I am going to join the rush and save some money from the various sales that are going on this season.

Princess had their Christmas party today. Hurray! I will rest finally for this term. Her Queenship will be resting from all the various scheduled competitions and pagant that she had to attend/compete in this term. Phew.

I have a wedding to plan for and so much loaded on this tiny shoulders of mine.

Do I need a vacation?  Oh yes I do? Where would I want? Oh please, I thought you would never ask.  The white sandy beach of Seychelles.  Do I have a valid international passport?  I do. Do the rest and please, call me as soon as its done so I can get ready ( I am packed already). Hehehehehe.

Do have a wonderful weekend everyone.  I intend to .

NB: I have ready this for now.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

My Dreams are coming True

The Experience was an awesome event that will leave another lasting impression in a lot of Christians heart, especially that of Princess and myself.  I did breakdown with cold and a little fever though, but I am all good now. Testimonies and lots of pictures can be found here The Experience

When the year began, I had my goals/ wishes/ dreams list like a lot of other people. Some of them have come to pass and others , well, I am having my fingers crossed. Its not over until its over. So I am hopeful. I have wished for so many things. One of which is Santa will come earlier this year with my dream car. I am having my fingers crossed.  Oh yes, I have faith and I refuse to believe that the world is coming to an end on the 12/12/12! I mean, I still some unfulfilled dreams that must come to pass.
My wish list has included giving myself a bountiful lunch at no other place than the one and only Branama Kitchen, owned by the delectable Songstress, Kefee.
Today, was that day! What did I have? Delicious Banga soup (alias Ofe Akwu) with starch. I wanted to have the taste of the real Niger Delta touch to the meal. I enjoyed myself and I am recommending it for anyone who would want to.
Kefee opened her Branama Kitchen on Sunday February 5, 2012 family and close friends in attendance. It is located at No 11, Ajose Street, Mende, Maryland - Lagos.

She definitely has some very good hands who work in the kitchen preparing these differently delicious food at very affordable prices too.

I am not doing a promo for her kitchen. I needed this treat. I mean who wouldn't? My baby sister is getting married December 27th. I am so excited and happy.  I am already on top of things.

I mean another one of my dreams/wishes for this year. I am so happy. I need a vacation.

Friday, 7 December 2012

These Questions Need Answers Please

The news of the demise of veteran Nigeria/Nollywood Actor, Enebeli Enebuwa came as a shock to us all, especially me as I was praying seriously that his being transfered to the hospital in India would be the best for him. But alas, the story wasn't as I had prayed. Why?  Not me.

You see when you have been through a lot and have dreams and desires that do not come as immediate as you want them to, you would want to get angry but I have learnt a lot over time.  This is no exception.

Notable Nollywood Actors and Actresses have dies this year alone. I dont know if asking why these ones.

They are Gone!

Cassandra Gabriel
David Ihezie

Seun Ogunlade

James Iroha alias "Gringory"

Geraldine Ekeocha
Lekan Lekinson

Psalm 39:4-5:   "Lord, make me to know mine end, and the measure of my days, what it is ;that I may know how frail I am.
Behold, thou has made my days as an handbreath; and mine age is as nothing before thee: verily every man at his best state is althogether vanity. Selah.

Hmmm. Life, oh Life!

What can I say.  The Bible has said it all. Sober reflecting mood activated and praise and worship to Him who alone deserves all our praises.

Like I said I am not going to ask any question as I am sure nobody except God Almighty alone has all the answers to these questions. Or else I would have asked why did Super Storm Sandy ravish the shores of the coast states of the United States or the typhoon in the Philipines destroy properties and killed over 200 hundred people just a few days ago? I mean what about the very one that is being discussed in hush hush tone these days in our home so as not to cause a complete breakdown of the peace that is slowly coming back into our lives - "where is Sam?

The answers might just scare the life out of me, so I am going to continue being in this attitude of Praise to Him who alone knows all things.

I rest in one hope that the Creator has everything under control and the sky won't be falling down on us anytime soon. In the mainwhile, I have choosen to live my life to please Him for life  is worth nothing if not lived for the one purpose which it was created for - Jesus Christ.

I am off to "The Experience" today. It promises to be an awesome time in His presence with over 500 worshippers and many others who would be watching via the internet and other braodcast medium.

Princess would be coming along too. She has attended the last three editions and wont be missing this one. I hope to be twitting along for those of you who are following me @singlenaijamum, or those who wont be able to watch it live.

Do have a wonderful, beautiful, fabulous weekend everyone. Thank you for reading and commenting.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

What I didnt tell you

Hello friends, how has your week been thus far? Mine has been hectic but I am not complaining as I know since activating my groove mode for this season, there is nothing to slow me down.
Last weekend was so much fun as I had to attend two shows in a row.  The first show was on Friday night in honour of Onu Cynthia Chikodinaka alais Kody D'Kodynator ( On Air Personality) with the prestigious 95.1 Wazobia Fm. "A Night For Two" at the Terra Kulture on Tiamiyu Salvage on Victoria Island, Lagos.

The show was as classy as the lady herself.  Everything was on point.  I had so much fun.  By the way , least I forget, na VIP section ticket I been hold , hehehehe. (Complimentary, courstey my friend from one of the sponsoring media outfits)

Saturday night was the next in line.  The very best of them all.  I mean TymeoutwithTeeA Its had an array of all the stars. I was shocked to see D'Banj, who was said to not be in the country.  He was there live.  He even got cornered by TeeA on his alleged membership with Illuminati.  I give it to D'Banj, he is smart.  He didnt say much , let your mind do the rest.  I just wanted to enjoy the show and nothing more. 

Since I am family, of course, I sat in front where I got a good view of everything.

Some of the artist that performed included the Legendry Daddy Showkey, Sir Shina Peters, rave of the moment Lynxx. Sammy Okposo also performed. Rib cracking jokes from the comedians and comedinnes in the house, Yaw ( Alibaba, Okey Bakassi ( looking so sexy in his hooded top and jeans). Seyi Law, Madam Princess, Crazy Legs. Its was a full house.

Gift prices were won and a return ticket to Dubai was won by a fellow blogger  Luci Lu. Yes. It was fun.

The night ended well and I had more family time to end the night.

By the way, Princess went with my Sister for vigil.  Let the celebration continue!

NP: Uploading more pictures later, my apologies.

Examination Starts for Princess

The term is coming to an end. Other schools have already finished their exams while others just started like my Princess will be starting hers today. So we sat up this evening till an hour after her bed time so that we can do some extra revision.

Its a major one for Princess as she intends to show off her academic prowess to her other class mates. She is already the School ueen, so this setting of standard means a lot as she wants to prove that she is both beauty and brains.

Wishing my lil girl all the best