Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Morning break.......needful

It is no secret how hectic the life of a single mother can be no matter the part of the world, and mine is no exception. The challenges are so similar irrespective the race or country,if not the same . A mother is a mother, single or married.

I wonder how other mothers are coping with all of these challenges daily!

From my corner of the globe, its a handful. From am to pm! When do I get to enjoy my 'me-time'? I crave for these free moments just like this moment as I write this post, but its never enough. I wish I could have more. There is so much to catch up to and with. Time just seems to be running very fast. There is no time!

Our daily lives, Lil Princess and I, are full of so much to sort out, the time-table doesn't seem to be doing it for me lately. Yes, I have a time-table for most of our activities. Strange, but I had to, cos I don't want to miss out on any important thing we need to do daily or else I will just break down. Gush!

Oh fairy godmother, please, do show up! I need a miracle today! I know, I am a Christian and fairy godmothers only show up in cartoon movies for kids ( I am a little kid inside I guess, lol).

This morning, I rushed my household through morning devotion, bath, dressing up, breakfast, hugs and kisses, byes....off to school. Wow! I have my little time to exhale and do this and get ready to go out

I need to say, I had woken up by 4:40am, done my own prayer time, get freshened up, prepare breakfast and packed lunch box for my Angel. This is daily.

I have to get a lot done today as tomorrow is Lil Princess's birthday! Oooh yes. Its a big celebration for us. I am a blessed woman .

I will be back later tonight to 'exhale' again.

Have a great day everyone. Big hugs :)


@adebsrk said...

You'll do fine.

Ritty said...

@adebsrk, welcome to our world. Thank you.

@ilola said...

Eeya. Don't worry, your reward is in future

Singlenaijamum said...

@ilola, thanks dear. Motherhood is fun, even with all its challenges, lol.