Friday, 18 November 2011

What has weight got to do with it?

Its no more news that Heavy D is dead. May his gentle soul rest in peace. Just as the news of his demise was just settling in, my dear landlady died the next day!

So sad. She had weight issues too. She was just 48years!

She was on the heavy side. Her system weren't functioning well. We did joke about we going to the gym sometimes but we kept procrastinating.When is the right time to hit the gym, actually get registered and get results?  What has losing weight got to do with it?  I want to take a cue from the demise of my landlady and start watching my weight from now and i may actually get to lose the 20kg i have been meaning to lose for a while now.



Che said...

Sorry about the death of your landlady. I know being overweight puts a strain on the heart and other vital body organs. These organs are under more pressure to perform more than they would normally do. If you feel like you need to lose weight, then you better hit the gym immediately.

singlenaijamum said...

@ Che, thank you so much. The gym, hmmmmm. Right now, its under serious consideration. My Landlady's death was an eye opener to a lot of things. One of which is watch what u eat abeg, cos gradually the weight creeps up on you.
I am definately getting registered in a gym!