Friday, 25 November 2011

Shake them Loose!

A lot of changes are taking place in my life these days and I am enjoying every one of them. I did get myself some wonderful , sexy looking sport wears for the whole sweating it out at the gym. Tomorrow is going to be my first day at the gym . Well, I am not expecting too much but I am sure "my sleeping partner" is not going to be enjoying it at all.

The areas of concentration are my upper arms ( Christian Father to the left and Christian Mother to the right, lol). Then my tummy and hopefully shape these almost sagging legs of mine.  Hmmm, its a whole lot come to think of it. I am equal to the task.

The holiday season will definitely meet my body well sculptured for all round flaunting of my new sexy body ( please tell me I am dreaming).  If I can conceive it, I will achieve it.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

To the gym...........................

The revelation of what it means to being in shape and maintaining a healthy life style is next on my agenda. Shocking but true, i have allowed myself go but not anymore.

I finally decided to register in a gym . Yes, i did. The year is almost running out but  i am sure i can still loose some pounds here and there. I may even shock myself if care is not taken.

Deciding on the right wear could be my next challenge as i wouldnt want to let the love handles hang out , thereby discouraging me from concentrating on my workout or even attract more attention to my "now going out of shape" figure.  Dont get me wrong, I am easy on the eyes, pretty and tall enough to hold my body in its right posture, but trust me, when you get tired like i have become recently because of 'my sleeping partner' ( my tummy lying beside every night) then you know its about time to hit the gym!

I just keep wondering why i had to wait for my landlady to die before i wake up to this truth. God help us single mothers! Its always about the kids. I have to get my groove back and shed some of these weight fast in time for Christmas!

Friday, 18 November 2011

What has weight got to do with it?

Its no more news that Heavy D is dead. May his gentle soul rest in peace. Just as the news of his demise was just settling in, my dear landlady died the next day!

So sad. She had weight issues too. She was just 48years!

She was on the heavy side. Her system weren't functioning well. We did joke about we going to the gym sometimes but we kept procrastinating.When is the right time to hit the gym, actually get registered and get results?  What has losing weight got to do with it?  I want to take a cue from the demise of my landlady and start watching my weight from now and i may actually get to lose the 20kg i have been meaning to lose for a while now.