Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Health is wealth.......let the court remind our government.

My day began on a very happy note, at least until I got a call from my girlfriend, Dr. Toluwase A. She was returning my call of yesterday. I was glad because I wanted to know how if she was affected or not by the sacking of medical doctors by the Lagos State Government.

My interest in knowing about this whole saga is as a result of our being sick on the eve of the on going strike ( 15 days sit at ahome striking doctors).

Ok, the truth is, i like getting to the bottom of issues, as in, amebo is healthy abeg.  so I went on to ask Tolu what the real crux of the matter is, below is how she explained it via bbm:

Tolu: Really worked up right now with dis doctor/govt palava. I work with Lagos State government and its very sad the way the government is handling it affairs.

Me: Pe le dear. I have a few other medical doctors as friends working with the sate governement too, I just hope they are not affected.

Tolu: I am not affected but I am in agreement with the course. its so unfair how we are treated . Its just an insult to the profession though my name wasn't mentioned but I have not been going to work and won't go to work until its been resolved.

Me: Babe, give me a summary of the whole issue please. I really don't understand.

Tolu: The public thinks doctors are selfish and inconsiderate but they won't pay our bills,dey don't knw the kinds of hazards we are exposed to everyday. I work in the Tuberculosis / HIV centre.

Me: Ha! eeya.

Tolu:Many have come down with HIV / AIDS and TB,hepatitis so if it is the money they can't even pay us its only God that can pay us but keep ur own little agreement what we are asking for. Its 13 months going with different warning strike letters ,they are still defaulting in all that was agreed on. They even demoted Doctors to 4 levels down and now they go sacking!

There is a court proceeding which starts by 10am today ( 9/5/12). The outcome of this will go a long way to determine the next course of action.  NMA which is the National body wants to go on an indefinite strike which will collapse the  Federal health care if they don't reverse the sack.

Me: na whaoooo. All the best o. This is a a case of when two Elephants fight na the grass they suffer.

I have to go girl. have a great day. Enjoy ur compulsory leave.


@ilola said...

I am on the side of the doctors here oo. They are human beings, they have to feed and take care of their families.
I don't believe they are heartless, and feel they were pushed to the wall, for them to be on strike

singlenaijamum said...

@ilola, my dear, i am on the side of the doctors too. I mean , a lot of them leave the shores of this country and are treated with so much respect and are offered better conditions of service. I wish, things were a little different in this country of ours and the government will listen to the cries of the masses.