Friday, 1 June 2012

My "Wonderbabes"

Its already the first half of the year! Wow! Took time out last night to do some soul searching. Checking my goals list and all that. It dawned on me that a few hours time, it was going to be influx of of ' happy new month' messages from everywhere on my blackberry!

I mean even those that never 'had the time' to say hi , suddendly remembers you as a friend. What a lie! Anyway, that's expected in a world where everything is on the speed lane ( am as guilty too sometimes).

So, right here and now, I have resolved to make amends! Yes! Starting with wishing everyone who has taken the time to view my blog, left a comment, or silently said a prayer for me and Lil Princess. I say Thank you very much. God bless you in many ways that you can't count! Amen!

To these seven "Wonderbabes" @Che, @ilola, @HoneyDame, @Simply Mee, @LadyNgo, @Nenyenwa and @Pretty Lashes, I say thank you for following my blog.

Have a prosperous month everyone!


@ilola said...

Lol, you are welcome.

Happy new month.

Singlenaijamum said...

@ilola, i appreciate every checking in, lol. liked the 'scriptwriter' gist. xoxoxox

Che said...

Happy Nu Month sweets. I also wonder at those people that remember I'm on their BB contacts only on occasions when they BC all those new month messages. *smh* @ them. So sorry to have been away for long. Sorting out stuffs jare. How are you and big princess. She can't be little any more oo. :-)..Take care dear.

Anonymous said...

Thank you my dear friend.
Wishing you a happy new month also.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to read more from you :)

Singlenaijamum said...

@Che, I miss you too. Its so unlike you to be away from Blogville for this long, but not to worry, I understand. So how has it been? I am sure the best is not too far away, keep your faith and testimonies will follow soon.

Princess is doing very well. Thanks for checking in.

Singlenaijamum said...

@ Simply Mee, girlfriend, you know your own level of ' I miss you' is beyond wetin Blogville can carry. I am sending a bunch of roses,a big hug n kisses.

Okay, I am picturing you and that look on ur face when you want more of something you like, hmmmmm. Naughty, naughty. I will try and fill you in, lol