Sunday, 20 May 2012

Exhale, let it out!

I am all calm,relaxed with a satifaction coming from deep within, knowing that I am getting 'there' gradually, amazing that I can come this close to discovering myself all over again.

My whole experience has had its toll on my subconscious mind. Yes, broken is putting it lightly. But that's all going into my past now. A new day is dawning and the beauty from deep withing is beginning to radiate the real woman on the inside.

Its a wonder how I have survived this long but its all good cos I am alive to tell the story. Each, I am choosing what to accept as the truth and the reality. My world is becoming more enlarged becos of this new re-discovery.

I am loving my world , my Lil Princess, oh the wonder that has defined me these past years! I am so grateful to God to everything, most especially that I can "exhale"

I hope you all had a wonderful and beautiful funfilled weekedn ( cos we did), lol.

God bless. Thank you sharing our world with us


Nenyenwa said...

keep up the good work mom as you overcome your challenges

Ritty said...

@Nenyenwa, I appreciate you love dear. Thank you

@ilola said...

Thank God for your life

Ritty said...

@ilola, you hold a special place in my heart, yes, its true. Thank you for you. Your comments are appreciated always. As short as this here is, I can feel the depth of it.

Thank you my friend. God bless you and yours too.