Thursday, 17 May 2012

Mummy, I want to Weather man!

Hello everyone. How has your week been thus far?. I am still trying to come to terms with being a blogger, I must confess that I have so much to learn . However, I must confess that its been a healthy medium for me to exhale and this will definitely help keep the spirit of blogging going as I have so much exhaling to do, lol.

I realized that I am yet to give you all a complete load down of what happened at the said party on Saturday. I have however some very pressing issues that have been disturbing my peace of mind. How else do can I calm down than to come and "exhale" here?.

A friend called me to ask what is the meaning of "Owambe" party was. My sincere apologies everyone for taking it for granted that you knew the meaning of the Nigerian word. It is usually used to describe a bubbling party most especially the ones organized by the yorubas from the Eastern part of Nigeria. Literally, it means " its happening there".

I am not from the Eastern part but for the fact that I was born and grew up here, I believe it makes me a bonafide daughter of this land ( because, if na USA dem born me put, I for don bi Yankee citizen since tey tey!) .

These days, I am trying so much to take my health into serious considerations. Oh yes! I cant afford to be breaking down like the last time but when the changing weather keeping giving my Lil Princess enough reason to ask to curl up in bed every morning, then I have a problem on my hands.

Yesterday evening, my lil Pumpkim, came back from school and was looking so worried. I panicked and wanted to know what happened to her in school. Her response shocked me! "Mummy, i dont want to go to school tomorrow" "Why" I asked and her respond is " I dont sleep very well" " How do you mean" and she went on to explain how before she closes her eyes and open its morning and she will still be feeling very sleepy.

I have to consult Heavenly weather man to help do something about it for my little girl. Adults have can certainly adjust to the global changing weather but my little Pumpkin

needs her beauty sleep or else.........

Who do I call? 911?

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