Saturday, 2 June 2012

That's a Wrap!

This week has been a very exhausting one for me. I found out that ulcer is not only associated to 'lepa' skinny people who rarely eat but the average 'orobo' fat babes too are not spared. Thank God for medical test and treatment. Simply put, my eye see papper!

Tell me something, is it possible to deny yourself or rather refuse to indulge yourself a few extra hours of sleep when you know you are dying to just curl up a little more even in this tempting weather? For where, school runs calls, wake up jare!

Mr Edafe's car that was broken into and his valuables stolen this week was a big surprise to everyone in the compound. The incidence turned out to be more than it appeared. Apparently, Salisu, had been allowing his other 'brothers' sleep in the compound without the landlords/landladies n tenants consent. Wondersful! Well, he opened up to the police and offered to pay for the damages ( see him mouth!). He was release same day! Abi who go guard the compound?

Emergency meeting of tenants was called for to address our common good - security, so as to avert such things happening again and to put Salisu in his proper place. As much as we dread to say it, the migration of 'these brothers' reach make person begin wise o!

I couldn't afford to go out as per my social life wey I don activate full gear, lol. The rain today was just not it. Anyway, I had enough rest, trust me , I needed it. Thanksgiving in church in the morning, cos I need to thank God for healing me from wetin typhoid alias malaria use my eyes see. Don't laugh o, its not funny.

That's a wrap! *wink*

Wish you all the best of the week ahead!


Anonymous said...

E pele oo! You get Ulcer? i didn't know oo! Glad you had recovered from your sickness. Typhoid no be wetin pesin dey joke with o! I no wish am for my worst enemy sef. Thank GOD for your quick recovery.

What the security man did was very dangerous! Pls take extra precaution my dear friend oo. Don't trust him one bit.

Please try to sleep finding a boring book to read and you will fall asleep by force by fire! Kai! remb all those textbooks chei?..ahahaha.

Take care.

Myne Whitman said...

Yeah, stress can do that to anyone. Take care of you o...

@ilola said...

I hope you rested well.

Singlenaijamum said...

@ simply mee, babe, if there is one person that is scared of hospital, its me! gbam! another confession! i dont know which is easier, when i delivered my princess or getting that needle into my backside!

whichever way, i am much better now and i pray not to be sick in a longest while. as for your prescription, hmmmm, u try. I was given tables! Lol

Singlenaijamum said...

@ myne, thank you dear, how have you been? I am much better. I guess one gets so engrossed with work that you don't get to 'see' the stress level breaking down one's system. Thanks for the love

Singlenaijamum said...

@ ilola, my dear, I am very very well now. Sorry to have panicked you too. I guess if I took the slightest signs seriously, I would go for check ups sooner and won't have to wait till I breakdown completely.

How was your weekend? Mine is another story entirely!