Wednesday, 27 February 2013

What Football will Cause

I am an unofficial Super Eagles supporter for LIFE! I mean did you watch the last Nations Cup? Okay, I did. Our result? The whole world is still talking about it. You can google it just to be sure, lol But whenever these European league matches are being played, forget am, I am another babe enitrely! I am one of their greatest supporters. Number one ManU fan. You can't try me at all. Don't bother asking me the match fixtures oo. I am only aware when I follow @ruggedybaba alias Rugged Man. He is so in tuned and updates me on Twitter. I trust him no bi small as I might be in traffic on days these matches are being played. Yesterday's match between Barcelona vs Real Madrid. It wasn't a joke. Tension was heavy as friends were throwing tantrums at the slightest provocation e.g **ororo no dey fade** #yh, sure! CR7 no fade. **oba nor dey go transfer ooo** #ehn! If I hear am! Tooth(merci)less Messi go pass transfer dis nyt. #Remix: ***ororo nor dey fade, but oba fit go transfer eeeeh*** Have you ever been to an event center to watch any of the European league matches? Na wah, enough saliva for your face as matured men scream at each other just to pass their views across. Imagine a babe, a die-hard fan in such an environment! I mean, the guys will give way and allow her show off her football commentary skills for once. My sleep was interrupted last night even after I put up my favourite display picture on my blackberry so my friends and loved ones will not allow me to sleep. I didn't want to be asked to comment about the match in the first place because I would have stepped on some toes and made a few enemies. But I had to wake up, mediate in the little drama that had brewed in the group and off I went back to sleep. I learnt that the beefing is still on. I guess its okay, that's football for you. It tears friends apart and brings them back again by the next match even with all the screaming, hating, beefing and saliva being poured on ones face. Its in the spirit of the game. This beefing should be over by the next match.......hopefully. My beloved ManU, please, as I am praying for you in advance , make sure you do so terrible damage to Real Madrid when they come. I am predicting 3goals to 1. I know I will be reading my tweets for all the updates even as I watch the match. #TeamManusupporterindeed!


Anonymous said...

My view of supporting deligently comes frm takin defeat in good fate, football is meant for entertainment,there's no entertaining in violent football or aggressive comments after d matches we shld just take any football match as an avenue to ease our daily stress regardless of d match outcome.. We dnt need to transgress to show our love for our favourite team..

Anonymous said...

Nice one! U're such a great writer - I never knew untill I went through your piece.
I'm also a great fan of Man.U & Real Madrid is my team in Spain. I salute Jose Mourinho's tactical formation @ all times. I enjoy their fanciful display of artistic football on the pitch. A number of Real Madrid players have also won my admiration. And now, my two favourite teams are meeting @ Old Trafford in the UEFA 2nd leg round of 16.

Who will emerge victorious?

I throw my light weight behind the team I love more between the two - REAL MADRID!
On Tuesday, they went to Camp Nou & crushed Barca 3 - 1, sending a warning note to Man U & I'm expecting the same scoreline when they meet Man U @home next week Tuesday. Sorry dear reader, I think the Premier League leaders can't stop them. Real have three world class players that I consider invinsible - CR7, De Maria & Ozil.
Let's give it to Real Madrid. Thanks & God bless u all. Daniel4u

Anonymous said...

Never knew Ʊ were an ardent supporter of football.....that's impressive.

sykik said...

Ore mi, are you the one talking football like this abi your blog has been hacked ni?

Ok, I am a Chelsea fan because Hubby na one ni oh but i am almost converting to ManU because their winning streak no get part 2 dis season.

Doris Obodoakor said...

Nice write up..
Football makes & mar friendship.. As a Barca fan hav met a lot of positive minded pple & lost frnds who dnt knw when they hav crossed d lines during any football arguement.
Generally, football is fun...

Ritty said...

Now you all know that I am an ardent football lover. ManU must win , that is my prayer and never mind, I have my fingers crossed already.

No hating please, its all in the spirit of the game.

#allroundbabe :)