Friday, 1 March 2013

My Princess has Trypanophobia

My Princess didn't go to school today.  She has been under the weather with slight headache and running nose for the past two days

I panicked at first because she rarely falls ills and secondly because her exams are fast approaching and didnt want her falling behind in her grades.  I made a call to Doctor Timi, who promised to come see her last night or first thing this morning if the headache persisted. 

 I need to mention here that my Princess is so like her mother in so many ways than one.  The last time I wrote about phobias I didn't mention that my Princess has her's as well! My darling has phobia of needles, that is Trypanophobia! What a name!

She didn't go to school today and I watched her take her drugs and later slept off before leaving the house this morning.

Maybe lollipops, ice creams, chocolates etc should be given to my Princess to make love hospitals and injections too.I just wonder what will happen in a few years time when she will be all grown up and may want to have her Brazilian hair fix?  Or maybe have some medical checkups done and have her blood samples taken?  I guess I have to wait till then to know what to do.  In the meanwhile, I am keeping in touch with my housekeeper at home, making sure she fills me in on all that is going on with my Princess, until I get back home later in the evening.

Wonderful job we mothers do.  I love this life.

This is wishing you all my friends, followers a wonderful weekend.  There's going to be some 'owanbe' party this weekend and I hope to keep you all posted.

Thanks for all your comments, emails and phone calls.  Please keep them coming. I appreciate


Madame Sting said...

Hope princess feels better soon

Myne Whitman said...

I hope she gets better soon. I hate needles too.

sykik said...

Wish her "soonest recover" .. My prayers are with her. I am sure she"ll be better before the weekend is over.

As big as I am, I still scream and cry for needles . Truth be told, someone must hold me down before anyone can administer injection on me oh., I scratch, plead, cry and act a whole lot of drama ........*covers eyes in shame*

Ritty said...

@Myne, thank you dear. I hate hate hospitals! Maybe if they give a good body massage after each visit I might just have a change of heart :)


Ritty said...

Madam Sting, my doctor, she is already jumping about the house ( there is a birthday party tomorrow, she wouldn't want to miss that, I tell you).

Thanks for the love and concern

Have a blessed weekend dear

Ritty said...

@Sykik, I can't shout for your matter. Haba! You mean say you are not tushed after all? #coveringmymouth.

Babe, what's wronging with you sef? (in Madam Princess the Comedienne voice). How can you be falling my hand like this?

Sir Shina Peters will for ever be remembered for this "soonest recover" tinz. I am not there at all

How you doing babe? I am sending you a private mail, reply sharpenly, lol