Monday, 18 February 2013

RE: When A Married Bachelor Hurts

Hello friends. How was our weekend? I am going to share this reaction to the post on Tobi and Bolu. I have a few others but this came in first. Enjoy. "I read the post about Tobi and Bolu. I want to say here that theirs is a very delicate issue and should be handle with care. However, there are too man variables to consider as regards this couple. Too man implications and consequences at the slightest mistake. Firstly, the wife may be hiding something , whether good or bad, that's the first instance. Secondly, the wife ma have calculated before hand that the cannot handle another child but didn't know how to "preach" it to her husband, Tobi, to use a condom or assume he should have known better. Case two. This could be Bolu's thinking as a woman, being sensitive nature. Thirdly, Tobi, ma have offended his wife without knowing and she's reacting to it in the best way she can - denying him his rights to her bod and her heart. This is case three I can go on and on on this issue on hand here but like I had said earlier, the variables and "what-if's" about this matter is much if the get it wrong. There is simply too much consequences to be suffered from it. The are sitting on a time bomb! Sooner or later, the must either dissolve the issue or the issue will dissolve them. This is my take on this couple. I hope I was able to help. Thank you for the opportunity to use your page to get this across to this couple. NB: I am open to receiving from you on what you think of this contribution

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Anonymous said...

Like the commenter said, there are variables....they should simply work it out.