Monday, 25 February 2013

Wife Wanted: I am a Single Dad and Grandfather @ 40!

A few questions kept flooding my mind as I pondered over Kenneth’s plight. He is a gentleman to the core, a successful business man. He could pass for a married man at least until he opens up. Kenneth sent me an email over the weekend. A very touchy one at that! It reads I am a single father, a grand father at 40! "I had my son back then in 1990 when I was my first year in the University with my secondary school lover. Now, my 23years old son has a son December, 2012. I didn’t marry my secondary school lover because our parent thought we were too young and had our education to face. Years passed and we never came back together and I have remained single, lonely ever since. No lady wants to marry me once they hear that I have a son as old as my son. I wonder why? I am a responsible man, a good father. What could be the problem? I really want to get married and settle down with a good woman. Now that I am a grandfather, will it reduce my chances of finding a wife?" Replying Kenneth was an easy task because , I have this picture in my head that finding a wife, a relationship for a single father shouldn’t be that difficult. I mean after all , unlike single mothers, they have the spark to make it all work out for them while ladies keep burning on the inside, waiting for the right man to come along. However, I did my best and consoled Kenneth that as it is with single dads, single moms are not left out if not have much more challenges as she cant walk up to any man she desires but instead silently burn and the heartaches continues. Phew! Single dads are human after all.


Myne Whitman said...

I also thought like you it's easier for man to get married. I hope he finds someone.

Ritty said...

@Myne dear, I thought so at first until I started receiving emails and calls from single dads who are hurting. They want to get involved again in a lasting relationship ( at least for their kid(s) sake) but its been tough.

Kenneth is just one of them

All the best guys.

sykik said...

I never thought single dads had issues with settling down oh. I pray he finds love .