Thursday, 21 February 2013

A Concerned Heartbroken Father writes

A concerned and heart broken father sent me this email after reading the last post. I am sharing with you all. I write today from my heart. Its been a while I did this as I prefer leaving all such where they originate. Thanks to twitter, I barely have to watch Television anymore. Twitter also exposed me to something else; Hurt. Hurt in many lives, cutting across religion, geographical boundaries and barriers of all sorts. While its not new to say that society is turned upside down, there are new stories that would shock you. I am hardly moved emotional but some of these stories once made me cry and go all angry inside. Today, I am not analyzing or even trying to analyze any of these scenarios. I will not try to explain why these happen or why someone shouldn't have done one thing of the other. Some people have cried to the point that their tear glands have taken compulsory vacations! In some, pain and grief have turned to hatred made them almost incapable of loving another human again. But I say there is hope. Like someone said, 'Our sons teeth should not be on edge because their fathers ate sour grapes'. Yes, someone missed their priorities in life, yes someone took your precious love and defiled the sanctity of your existence. Yes, your heart has been broken, yes, you don't even see any reason to live again! To everyone going through one hurt or the other, regardless of the degree, I insist here is HOPE! WHY? Because even horror movies have an end! You must stay strong, you must fight on! I understand its been a hard long fight, I understand you've been wounded in battle, I understand you are running short of ammo, I understand you may have even lost the battle, but wake up! The war isn't over! For the sake of our children, we must fight. Our children MUST not suffer the same fate as we are now, or from the consequences of this situations. Look away from the matter, let the pain and all the hurt go, LIVE again!, RISE, yes RISE, RISE above that storm, yes above that hurt, RISE above the calamities and circumstances of the present, RISE because you can, RISE because you will, RISE because you must, finally, RISE because.....I believe in YOU. God Bless you!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention.
Our children don't ahve to suffer for our errors.

Ritty said...

@IB, you are so on point.