Monday, 2 July 2012

Moment of Calm............tea time

For the past couple of days its been raining in the city of Lagos and the cold has been something else entirely. The nights have been really cold, wow! Being single and all that you would know what that means, lol.

However, the damages that came with the heavy rains had also been devastating. SO many properties damaged. My heart just goes out to a lot of families that have been caught up in all of this. Properties damaged, kids not being in school, roads not motorable, its a lot. And to think that the Lagos state government made a lot of efforts to have the drainage cleared before the rains came calling! Well, that's speaking for the State Government but the local councils didn't do much if I am allowed to say so.

My own remedy for this weather and the cold that came with it, the running nose,is making sure that my Princess is well "geared" for the school daily and always wrapped up when at home, and for her Highness, moi, (drums rolling).........TEA!!!!

Oh yes! The weather has brought out the best of tea drinking out of me. I am suddenly an addict and I honestly don't think I am going to be stopping anytime soon, *winking* ( I don't have a human blanky).

Teas are medicinal in itself. This has been proven over thousands of years now. This is so true cos my favourite brand - Twinings.

My favourite? Twinings Camomile, Honey and Vanilla. Its been it for me for a long while now. Snuggle up on the sofa with a steaming mug of my favourite tea, is heavenly. The sweetness of the honey and the rich flavour of the vanilla are the perfect companions for the delicate, floral taste of camomile. Each sip is dreamily sweet - a soothing blanket for your body and soul.hmmmmmm, nose in the air.

In 1706, Twinings was one of the first companies to introduce tea drinking to the British when Thomas Twining began selling tea from his first premises on the Strand in London. 300 years later, Twinings is now a purveyor of teas worldwide.

Tea has enough health benefits most especially Chamomile flower tea. For those who have difficulties relaxing or sleeping, you could join me, it is my late night favourite. Others are orange flowers, citronella herb,linden flowers, passionflower herb, Valerian root and green tea ( The poly-phenol found in the green tea works to intensify levels of fat oxidation and the rate at which your body turns foods into calories. It increases metabolism and could be very beneficial to take in weight loss diet).

So instead of sleeping pills, you could try out any of these teas and you will be amazed. They are so easy to prepare and if you boil the water with the tea bag in the kettle or tea pot, allow it to steep for a while, and then squeeze the bag well, you will be sure to get the very best out of your favorite tea also. I take mine without milk.

Please do share with me, which of these other top 10 brands is your favourite?

1. Lipton
2. Celestial Seasonings
3. Salada
4. Twinings
5. Good Earth Teas
6. East Indian Company
7. Ginar
8. The Nashville Tea Co
9. The Tea Chest
10. Steep

Have a lovely day my friends xxxxx

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