Friday, 6 July 2012

This is my Treat!

The episode with the key issue turned out that the key wasn't lost after all but Princess locked it inside and assumed that she had it in her jeans pocket. That was a good relieve but I have taken other precaution against it happening next time. It was an experience on its own.

So, with all these and many more coming, I am in for some exhaling right now. I mean, a hardworking single mother like myself also needs a special treat once in a while. I mean something different, not tea or biscuits, not cupcakes, nothing extra special but definitely African and affordable, lol.

This weather has been messing up my hormones and I needed to deal with it seriously last tonight. Haba, Abegi, I can't shout! I have reached the verdict.

It had to be hot, spicy, good enough to combat this cold that makes me curl up in bed every night, lol. Wow! That's letting out a little secret, lol. Yeah, yeah, i know, some lonely single mothers do feel "cold' too. So, the sauce must have enough "tatashe, atarodo, alias chili (pepper), i mean all the right ingredients to make it as spicy enough to deal with this terror called cold, lol. Pepper soup did sound more like it at first, but I finally conclude on what the treat should be Ofada Rice and its special spicy stew!

For those who might be interested in preparing this for yourself and join the army of those of us who would want to face this common enemy, here are the ingredients and the how to:

•Red pepper (ata rodo, and tatashe)
.Goat meat
•Palm oil
•Knorr or Maggi Cubes

Wash and cut all the assorted meat into a pot and season with thyme, salt, maggi, ginger,onion.When cook, taste to make sure its tender, set aside from the heat.

Blend the red pepper, tomatoes ( not much cos it is suppose to be spicy and hot) and onion. Its shouldn't be finely blended so that you can still see the flesh of the pepper, tomatoes and its seed

Heat up palm oil, add sliced onion and heat it till the onion is slightly brown and the palm oil is lightly bleached and blended mixture, season it with magii n salt
•Allow to fry, when almost done, add the assorted meat with a little stock ( if so desire) and keep frying

When cooked, take off the burner and allow it to simmer.

I had mine with white rice and water, lol ( I know this will go well with Ofada rice or boiled yam. That will be for another day.

Bon apetite

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