Saturday, 28 July 2012

Who Should be blamed?

I wonder what kind of education our youth are being given these days. Its a pity because, as repulsive as the thought of this particular story I am about to share is, I wonder who to apportion the blame to.

Let me start from the beginning. I have observed that these days, I just happen to be at the right place at the right time when some juicy gist are being transmitted. Haba! na so I don come like gist reach abi?  I don come turn amebo or coincidentally an investigative journalist or abi na activitist? Anyway, that's for another day. This one scares me more than trying to unravel what I am becoming jare.

I told myself , enough is enough with the deception that is going on in my life. Oh yes! I stood there facing myself in the bathroom mirror, making sure that I particularly drive home the message into my thick skull. A social life that is activated should remain activated! Gbam!

While this cross examination session or rather interrogation session was going on, I was holding in my hand the ticket to the comedy show 'Stand Up Nigeria'. I was having double mind. I can deceive myself! But that was not going to be, at least not for this particular show. The ticket na N3,500 ( three thousand five hundred naira). I gatz to be there ( In Sulia's voice alias Funke Akindele, lol )

Off to the saloon to have my hair done jeje, so I can be sure there is no excuse ( by the way, Princess is off to my Sister's for the next 2weeks). It was at the saloon that the story unfolded and my antenna got full record of the gist and I even  asked more questions where I needed more clarifications or elaborations.

Ladies can gossip abeg! The two ladies seated beside me were either trying to make sure that everyone knew that their other friend ( Floxy) is either too wayward or just stupid unlike them that are smart and could get away with any kind of vises! Floxy is lying critically ill in a traditional maternity home! 'Who uses such places these day?' Question! Na who I go ask? Beats me.

The gist is Mariam, Tosan and Floxy are friends and live in the same neighbourhood in Akoka. They hang out and do so many things together. Somehow along the line, Floxy got pregnant. Yes, the responsible guy Akin wants her to keep the pregnancy and have the baby but on one condition that Floxy lives with his mother until she delivers! 'For real? Okay.

Why? Floxy parents didn't want her having a child out of wedlock! Gbam! She has no option as it were. But, Iya Akin is a firm believer that the old traditional way of taking care of a pregnant woman is the best, so off she went and "registered" Floxy in one of these quack trado homes. There she was given a 'ring' to wear and was advised not to remove it until she is brought in when she is in labour. Concoction to drink wasn't left out.

Iya Akin wanting to ensure that her young 'daughter in-law' gets the best care, made sure she kept her appointment given by the Mama at the home. Floxy, obeyed too.

She was checked and fingered to ensure that the baby was well positioned! Wonderful!

Labour started around mid day exactly 9 months and 6days after. Iya Akin rushed Floxy ( Folashade for real), to the trado home. Nobody can really tell what they mix in those herbs nor the meaning of the ring she was adviced not to remove from finger. It was checked on arrival sef, according to the story teller ( I asked jare). For Floxy, going traditional in this day and age as a young lady that would have at least attended Secondary school baffles me. This is because, she had serious complications from the home and the baby was still born!

A lot of unpublishable things were said to have been done to her private part in the process of delivering the baby. I was so unsettled on my seat as I listened to the gory details. Ha! Man's inhumanity to another. In this modern day? You mean all these Local Council officials  going about in Lagos State don't see these homes? It must mean they are not registered or else if they are, why allow them in the city? I mean, this incident happened in the City and not in one village?

I am confused. I sat down there, socked and not sure what to believe. So Folashade ( Floxy) is lying down now in  a 'real' hospital critically sick and the Traditional home Mama is going on with her 'medical' practice and nobody is suing her? Something is wrong here.

I hate what illiteracy can break an innocent youth to become. But really, who to be blamed?


Che said...

Babe, your social life MUST remain activated ooooo. :-). Do people actually visit such places in this 21st century? Like seriously???????? Even if you are very poor, abeg, pregnancy is not something to joke with for your health and the health of your unborn baby. That her Akin boyfriend is not a good guy jare. Which one is to live with his mum until she delivers. Even if he stays in one room, Floxy should manage it with him like that. After all she knew him "well" before sleeping with him. I'm just vexing jare. I hope she survives, hope her womb isn't damaged and hope she didn't contact any diseases.

@ilola said...

What rubbish? Of course, I blame the girl who allowed it all.

Anonymous said...

Ahahaha, you don like tori like me ehn? Nah today you know say, women can gossip? saloon and market place nah the koko..ahahaha.
Anyway sha, so you go the show?
And as the floxy babe, she was lucky she did not lose her life!
Trado-delivery home in this modern time, esp for a Primer? Don't be surprised if the guy breaks off the relationship after she recovers. There is high rate of mortality that women are advised to seek the best experienced hands in child delivery when registering for ante-natal.
so how was the outing? oya gist me as we dey do am :D

Singlenaijamum said...

@Che, my timely amebo attenna tried this time. Yes seriously, a lot goes on these days as people feign under the guises poverty and economic recession to cut cost. I really don't know what to say but wished a lot of effort is being put in place by government to just make some basic amenities affordable so people can have access to them without risking their lives in the process of cutting corners.

I pity this young lady. I pray she is alright

Singlenaijamum said...

@ilola, gbam! Case dismissed :)

Singlenaijamum said...

@Simply Mee, you know say warri babe no dey carry last, you na the real deal na. Another Ib na counterfeit! Woooorrrd.

Anyway, I no dey gossip, I dey spread the 'good news'. I mean, people suppose dey aware of what's going on around them, behind the scenes and 'all join' kind of issues. This happens only if it concerns me or my antenna picks up the gist well, lol.

Ib, leave me jare.

As for the show, I did attend and I had so much fun. Laughed and cracked up real good. Laughter is good for the soul jare. I know you know where to go check out the pictures, lol

As for my new hair do, I got a few compliments, but one stood out that is still making me feel on top of the world, lol. I mean, its not everyday you get such. "You look like you are in your early twenties". I can't shout.

I have to do this more, lol

Okeoghene said...

This exact thing happened to someone I know too, though in her own case she was already married to the guy. According to them, it is family tradition that the first child be born at home and attended to by a traditional midwife. To cut a long story short, she lost the baby and was bed-ridden for a couple of weeks afterwards. These stuff still happen. In the US you get people who opt for home delivery but the midwives are very experienced and know what to do if they experience any complication.

Singlenaijamum said...

@ Okeoghene, you don't say? Wonderful! I know a few may have gotten their wombs damaged too in the process of " going back to our roots" and all that.

I am sure these things are happening right now in other continents too not just in Nigeria. US has trained midwives? Who will train these "Mamas"? Will they want to be trained? That's another story entirely

Its a pity.