Friday, 13 July 2012

When we were Kids

What a relief? Exams are finally over today and all that is left is the graduation party. By this time next week, it will be all over! Hurray! No more waking up by 4:30am!

 I can't wait for the term to end. Gush, I mean no more school runs? Whao. I can really get to sleep an extra hour or two? Wonderful. Some schools here in Lagos have closed while some like Princess's  will be vacating next week.

I remember in our days how excited we use to be just remembering we wont be in school for 2 months. Do you remember this song?

Holiday is coming
Holiday is coming
No more Morning Bells
No more Teacher's whip
Good bye Teachers, Good bye Scholars,
I am going jolly holiday .

Times have changed. I wonder what song these kids will be singing for their teachers and friends as they vacate this third term for the long summer holiday.

Tomorrow morning, we will be going shopping for the skirt suit and lilac shirt for the graduating class. it promises to be a fun filled day already as princess is excited.

I hope your week was beautiful too. Do have a wonderful weekend everyone

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