Monday, 30 July 2012

Rocking my Summer Look

Life is indeed beautiful. I mean especially when you shake yourself loose from some myth that has held you down for long. This is my time to shake them myth  off me and enjoy this summer holiday.

I want to answer my 'Say it like I see it' friend, @Simply Mee. She wants to know how my "getting my groove on" outing on Saturday went.  Well, my dear friend, it went well, still getting comments about my new look.  Oh yes, a whole new summer look. I am rocking it and loving my swag. ( It is said that when the cat is away, the mice is king of the house - my Princess is away, and I am grooving, hehehehe).

Met a few friends that I had lost contact with years now and was invited to a beach party on Saturday.  Hmmm, don't know if I will be chanced to go yet but if I want to follow the dress code of bumb shorts and Tshirt, I might just change my mind

My decision for this particular hair style is sheer out of the conviction that my facial structure will be better defined by it and sure it has been.  I mean, the compliments are too much. I have received dates sef. My cousin wanted to know if I was on a diet? I looked slimmer. I am enjoying this.

I have a little confession though, my hair needs serious treatment as it is breaking and I was adviced to do something about it quickly.  I dont want to go bald abeg like my neighbour, Mrs Pius. lol

Secondly, since I am coming of age, *winks*, I went on to make enquiries about detoxification. I wan dey all round ready for dating o. My skin, hair, nails, figure, and general body fitness must be perfect and ready for the new me, hehehehe. Forgive me people, I am giggling away like a little kid that just got her freedom to play outside after being locked indoors for hours ( in my case months or years).

 Abeg, @Simply Mee, get out of my head, Nooooow!

Source: hairstyle for black women


sugar said...

Trust me honey ur nt alone on this "new me" thingy *wink*

Anonymous said...

ahahahahaha yes! i saw the new look in FB today when i managed reached! you look good with the new hairstyle. I wanted to comment, but was lazy as usual...ehehehe.
Oh! yes! you need it abegy! do all the body i need it badly for my face!
bumb shorts?..nay! you can go for 3/4 length and still attend the beach party and have fun :D
Take care.

Singlenaijamum said...

@Sugar, how are you? Thank you for the comment. You are on the "new me" thingy too?

I am going to be having a ally, lol. I am glad you stopped by. Do have a lovely day

Singlenaijamum said...

@Simply Mee, aaaha! You liked what you saw abi? That's what am talking about, this change is contagious. So you want to follow my lead? hehehe.

I am going to sort out the outfit for the beach party before weekend. Its rainy season and I want to be dressed for it.

Thanks gurlfriend