Wednesday, 4 July 2012

A Tear Today

This month seems to be running so fast, its the 4th already, whao! I celebrate with my friends across the borders, happy anniversary.

Its been work, work, work. Hectic life of a single mother. In the heat of trying to meet up with so many things at the same time, my once so taught up, scheduled life just all come crumbling down and at that moment, I look away because a tear is trickling down my cheek!

Oh yes, I break down! I cry, silently though, because, I am human and I don't always have all figured out.

I got back home today and was locked out of our "Palace" for almost 2 hours! How come? My Princess misplaced my spare key that I had given to her in the morning. This I had thought was a safer option because the traffic yesterday made me get home a hour late as compared to 6pm when I get home daily. More over I needed to get back on time to keep an eye on her preparations for her forth-coming examination.

Usually, Princess gets back home for 4:30pm daily. The school is a 10minutes drive to the house with the school bus. Once inside the compound, she stays with my next door neighbour in their apartment with their other 3 kids ( the fourth is off to boarding school). She would have gone into our "Palace", changed, have her lunch, then her books to go join them in their apartment.

Today was different as she couldn't explain what happened and she couldn't find our key.

I called my younger sister who also lives with us ( yes, I have a Tenant), from work to try and beat the traffic so she can get back home sooner.

I cried silently inside as I look at my Princess. Will I ever get it all figured out? Its a question I am sure I may never get answers to in this journey.

NB: I got this book today, little did I know that I was going to be acting my role before the end of the day. Hmmm, irony of life

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