Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Excited but Sapped

My sincerely apologies to everyone. I am so sorry for not keeping you posted for the past 5days. Its been hectic down here in our 'Palace'. Oh, yes! The preparations has been in top gear as the D day drew nearer. It is finally here. Today is the graduation day of Princess. The excitment is so contagious any passerby would just fall under the ' anointing', lol.

All activities in school had to be rehearsed again at home, just to ensure that there as no mistake in any of the moves. everything has to just be perfect. Princess  won't want to be caught napping on her day.

What about me? Please somebody look my way na? I mean, check on me too to make sure I don't brakdown or crash. Oh, that word just reminded me of the pain of having my Blackberry crashing in the midst of the whole getting the perfect graduation party ready.  I lost a lot of information and my pictures are all gone. The prices mother's pay sometimes.It dropped from my hand.

So, I am up this early to 'exhale' and congratulate myself for a job well done. Yes, its been  wonderful week. The ceremony will commence in her school by 10am today ( Thursday), and they party continues at home later.

Everything is ready! Hurray! I am so excited myself. Cake? Ready ( am actually staring at it now). Suit and camisol? Ready. Speech and the purple tie-dye outfit specially made for the occassion? Ironned and hanging in the wardrobe
. Hair? ooh all, done and under hair-net as Princess sleeps, lol. I get to have mine done ( thank God for wigs, lol).

I have a camera ready to capture every beautiful moment. I just love my job! Motherhood is fun! Sapped yes, but just excited.

I hope you all are having a beautiful week thus far?

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