Monday, 18 June 2012

Some ladies do have them!

Ladies, they are adorable, can't do without them on days that you would want to stand out in the crowd. What am I talking about? High heeled shoes!Platform shoes!

In fact, some of us have a few we hide in our wardrobes for those very special occasions. They are man made, handmade, by men for women to make us stand out. Frankly, these platform shoes have a feel of its own. It makes me look and feel sexy, professional, and also adds a boost to my confidence. But, in reality, while these shoes might be beautiful and hard to resist,i ask myself, at what price?

Ooh how sexy I feel when in them! I mean, my 5ft 9inches is completely transformed. Hehehehe. I like these high heels but what i have discovered is that when the pains starts setting in, hmmm, its another ball game entirely and its not what i want to take lightly at all. So to before warned , is to before harmed!

From Monday to Sunday this past week , I was in high heels. Bad for my knees and feet, I know. I tried to change into comfortable sandals but I was too carried away by my hectic schedules to pay my feet much attention.

I noticed last Sunday how a lot of ladies wore some foot wears especially these platform shoes that were so tight one would be tempted to hand them hankies to wipe off the sweats from their face. It was too obvious that they were not comfortable in them. What ladies put themselve through all in the name of fashion.

We dont have to go through such tortures, no, the consequences are too enormous for our lovely feet.

I have decided not to wear any high heel shoes for the next two weeks. Yes, its true. My confidence level will be pumped up with beautiful "Ankara handmade sandals". Let see how this test goes.

Have a beautiful day everyone.


Anonymous said...

I never ever comment on blogs but I've been so inspired by your blog, I liked the fact that despite being a single mum in Nigeria, you're enjoying your life and have cease to be bitter, I also like that you're totally devoted to your daughter and do your best to give her a good rounded life, you're doing a great job and on days when you feel down, remember you're doing a fantastic job and God will reward you kindly.
Maybe when your daughter is older and independent, you will meet a wonderful man that will treat you like the Queen you are, pray hard though and let God lead you.
Keep it up and God bless you both.

PS: please proof read your writings and also spelling checks, it'd make a good difference.

Che said...

I understand the pains associated with wearing high heeled footwear. I'm not tall, so I prefer the high heeled ones cos they make me feel tall & elegant :-).. But for the health of my feet and leg, I try to alternate between heely and flats. I like those ankara footwears.

Singlenaijamum said...

@Anonymous, thank you so much for your comment. I really appreciate your compliments. I will try my best now that I know that there could be more than one of you out there reading my blog and praying for me to be the best single mother for my daughter.

Your advice means so much. Thank you.

Singlenaijamum said...

@ Che,I guess I got caught up with my hectic schedules and the hectic life of a single Naija mum that I completely forgot about my lovely tender feet! Now, I have learnt my lessons.

Oh yeah, am flaunting these ankara sandals. I could hook you up for some beautiful and even more sexy designs, lol.