Saturday, 23 June 2012

Why does it hurt so bad ?

How was your week everyone? I hope is had a little space for some fun activities to be squeezed in? My week was everything as usual and a little exhaling in between.

Oh yes, what a friend I turned out to be! Oh don't jump into any conclusion just yet until you me out. I even surprised myself if I can say so. I met Sumbo up for our date as sceduled. I soon as we got the plesantries, I just knew the venue wasn't it for what could happen in that restaurant, she want going to breakdown any momemt.

The look on Sumbo's face would break any icy heart. I mean, this wasn't the right place for what I perceived was coming. I was able to talk her into going somewhere more airy with less people, one of these new parks in Surulere, in Lagos. We won't draw so much attention as compared to the restaurant we had earlier been.

I listened for the first thirty minutes as my dear girlfriend opened up her hurting heartaches, it was deep! I just sat there holding her hands in mind, stroking them gently, reassuring her of my trust to be there for her. Tears , unstoppable.

Lekan is having an affair! Its bearly six months into the marriage! How come? What is going on these days? Whatever happened to happily ever after? Faithfullness? I held back my tears cos it will be too much in one day.

I mean, the day was for Sumbo and nothing was going to give me away too- be strong babe! Wow! In, Out! Good exhaling did it for me.

All I did was sit there, stare into her eyes, held her hands in mine, robbed gently to reassure her of my being there for her as she off-loaded the pains inside. I couldn't even give her the tips I had written down. Who could seeing her like that?


Anonymous said...

*sighs* just don't know what to say to console her either!
Likely he was having an affair with the said lady before they got married and simply continued.
she should confront him, his response will determine her next course of action.

Singlenaijamum said...

@Simply Mee, my dear, there are more questions right now than answers as per this issue. The one thing I know I will do is be there for my girlfried whenever she needs me, being as objective as possible, not judgmental in anyway.

I am praying for these two cos divorce is too early abeg!