Sunday, 24 June 2012

Single? Guilty as charged!

How I look forward to weekends! I mean especially the ones without an 'Owanbe' party. This weekend , I simply wanted to be LAZY! Abi, is there a law against it? All work and no laziness make a single mother an uptight babe na, abi? Check am . Abeg, jare. I had a plan; lay in bed till 7am unlike 4:30am on normal days! Gush! Enjoyment :) , take time to prepare brakfast, curl up and watch a movie or two. No laundry abeg! Give myself and Princess a big treat later in the evening. The whole 'Lazy Holiday' this weekend was going to be the bomb! Oops! Bomb? Abeg o

I was brought back to reality by a call from one of my 'Support team' members - my younger sister. What now! I was enjoying myself joor. She went 'Big Sis, how you doing? Please, check your facebook page, there is a message for u. I think you should read this post, I know you will like it'. Okay. Thanks. Bye!. That at least that wasn't too much to ask. I opened and read the said post by this particular lady, hmmm. I reserve my comment.

I have decided to share this post with you all. For one, its got me on a different level of thought, I reserve my comments for now. Happy reading:

Firstly,if you are still struggling to find a husband at an old age because you are looking for a perfect man,something is certainly wrong with u. Now,your propaganda magazine tells you that 'All men are liars,cheats a...nd useless,but lets be Honest here,which is more likely?

Is it that there,s something wrong with about 70million African men,OR there is something wrong with one African Women,U?

The Truth is this when a product is not doing well,the sales team don't blame the customers,they either blame the product or sales and marketing strategy.

So ladies,have you been marketing urselves? What's your marketing strategy? Do you think you will be picked out off the shelf and placed in the basket of matrimony if you are always hanging out with that coven of witches you call friends? Those ladies who intimidates any man who approaches you?.

Hmmmm, drinking yourself to sturpor every friday and saturday night does not exactly make you look like a marriage material. Neither will any product(U)do well in the market if the sales team(U)reeks of desperation.

Nagging,whining only tells a man that he is watching a preview of what life will be like if he walks down the aisle with you. If your precious Ex's all complained about your NAGS get a gag!

U want a man?...invest in a good wardrobe,and dress well. When a man comes to you,smile and be polite,even if he does not fit your mental image of 'your kind of man'

At 18,a lady already has an image of her perfect man,which includes height,body type and wealth. As time goes on,a lady will add more and more qualities on her list,such that by the time she is dating for marriage,not a single man alive can meet her exact standards

Ladies,stop coming to relationship with a chip on your shoulder! If you believe All men are 'Bad',,,men are Dogs,then it will become a self fulfilling prophesy.

No man is perfect,if want to find a perfect man,you will have to do a genesis chapter one and make him out of clay,and breath life to him. And even then,chances are,he may still disappoint. You say you cant marry a blue collar guy like a mechanic or carpenter,Now if a carpenter was good enough to marry Mary mother of the Lord Jesus Christ, why isn't one good enough for you?

Dont focus on where a man is now,but look and see where He has the potentials to be.
Dont focus on some petty physical features that are not up to ur mexican soap-opera standards.

Hmmmmm your dream man,will he be faithful?
Will he be a good father to ur kids and a good husband to u?
Will he love,cherish and respect u?
Whats d point of been beaten to a pulp every nyt by some rich,good looking and womanizing jerks?
Do u want a future where u will sit in a traffic in ur BMW X6,GUCCI sunglasses covering ur eyes,and u look out of d window and see a happy couple in a keke napep holding hands,laffin and giggling like newly wedded couple even after 12 years of marriage.
Africa is full of good men,you are just so caught up day dreaming about ur fantasy man that they are passing un noticed b4 ur very eyes.
Dont be cynical,fussy and uptight.
Improve ur product,and how its marketed and the demand for it will grow through d roof.
And remember u are competing in a Morden African market.
Dont fake pregnancy or get pregnant to trap him,e no dey work again joor!
Ur perfect man is out there.
He may not look like what u want or expect,but if u give him a chance,the two of u will find joy,companionship and completion like u ve never thought possible.




Anonymous said...

wow! loaded! you, i reserve my comment!

Singlenaijamum said...

@Simply mee, my lips are sealed on this one.

dayor said...

Lmsao..."Africa is full of good men,you are just so caught up day dreaming about ur fantasy man that they are passing un noticed b4 ur very eye"

Preach it sis!

Singlenaijamum said...

@Dayor, I hear you! I mean what can I say. Is there a way these good men can signify when they seem to be passing by good sisters, so we don't miss ourselves? *wink*