Tuesday, 30 April 2013

A Letter To My Bestie

I am so blessed to have friends that care and worry about me whenever I go on AWOL. This is to her ( you know yourself) and all who I hold very dear to my heart.

My darling, how are you doing? I have been so caught up again with work, I can't believe it myself. This is a miracle in itself cos most of last year all I was doing was structure how to commit suicide bt see the miracle of God, this year has been so hectic I barely have time to take a break. My dad is still in the hospital. I am yet to go see him. His bill is huge though due the gravity of his illness - near heart and liver failure!
 His phobia for hospital made the health detoriete to this level of almost losing him.

I am a mess right now dearie. I must confess and open up to you. I hear whenever the heavens wants to pour, it brings everything down with it. Mine is a sure good example.

My business is suffering a I am seriously lacking behind.

I should make u laugh? I managed to do 30 sit ups as my scheduled has become toooooo tight. I even cooked and baked a lovely cream cake for my Princess to snack on. I guess you could say I needed that to keep my mind off my stress and also remind myself that I am still good at baking cakes as my Princess birthday is approaching very soon.

I am sure being a single mother is more like being a SUPERMUM on a daily basis.

I have my hands really full and still have to wake up so early and sleep late. Its a beautiful life ( I envy myself)

I almost forgot, Princess school had their annual inter house sport last Thursday and she won a medal. Yes she did! The medal however was not for any of the races we talked about nor thought she would be put in but for 'Needle and Thread race'! Hillarious! Its all good, she won a gold medal that what counts! I still smile when I remember how the two of us had actually joked about it.

I miss you. Do have a blessed day dearie. Love you plenty


sykik said...

Yayyyy..she won a medal..that's all that counts. Why did I not get to taste the cake? Not even a pincture.....issokay oh....

Stay strong, stay true, there's always sunshine after the rain, there's a rainbow after every storm and dawn after every night.
Bear hugs, sweetie

'Lara said...

So sorry about your dad...I pray he gets well soon.

Princess won a medal, gold for that matter...congrats to her.

Sending you e-hugs right now.

Ritty said...

@Lara, welcome to our world dearie. E-hug, hmmmmmm. Nice. Thank you. Sending you one right back