Monday, 8 April 2013

My Housekeeper and The Lessons I Learnt.

I have plenty gist that have piled up and choking me to spill. I mean, not with Sykik on my neck , I cannot but try rushing them all so I get them all out.  By the way babe, you are the best ( am I qualified for the giveaway too?)
My new housekeeper showed me pepper. I know......I was warned but I thought I was an exception and could handle mine differently.  Well, I have been proved wrong. 

Let me start from the very beginning. Last December, I got a young lady of 17 years who had just finished her senior secondary examination and was bent on furthering her education.  This I admired greatly at the time until the bubble boosted. This was going to be for a couple of months until she made up her mind of either staying longer with me ( instead of her Uncle's place whose sons who always teased her alias made passes at her). I accepted her senior sister's terms as I really did need an adult to be home with my Princess)

I thought it wise to enroll her for extra classes while we awaits her results.  Unknown to me, the results were out and she didnt make her papers. So instead of extra classes for JAMB, it turned out she had to retake her final secondary school certificate exams again as an external candidate.  Oooouch! It was fine by me but............

My shock was too much as my girl wanted to work in a restaurant than go for the extra lessons as she explained to me that I was going to be wasting money sending her for these classes when  she still had until next year to enroll again because she had not registered on time this year.

Secondly, I observed that her senior sister kept calling her more often than she opened up to give me gist of the reasons for the differednt calls. I did not find it funny as in , was there something going on that I needed to know but was being covered up?

I only got to find out about a few weeks ago, I got a call from her one early Monday morning saying there was going to be a burial of one of their relations on that Friday and she wanted my new girl to attend with her Uncle who lives not too far from my place. I suspected foul play. So instead of allowing their ploy to work, I played along and surprised them both by asking her to quickly move her things to her Uncle's place that morning instead of waiting till Friday when they will be leaving because she might miss out on some important family shopping.  She was shocked and began crying so much I wondered why.  Was there more to this whole drama?  Whether she was leaving on Tuesday, or Friday, it did not make any difference to me as I had made up my mind that once she left my house , she wasn't coming back.  Secondly, was she planning to execute any hideous plan or what?  I am not a Prophet, but the whole drama got all my senses on all alert.

So, standing right by her as she tearfully packed her things ( I quickly got her a new travelling bag from the ones I have at home, so she will look all tushed et al), I made sure all that she was packing was all she brought to my house.  I got this........smiling inside me.

The girl and her Senior sister thought pulling a quick one on me will crumble my defence and help their plans.  I am still so shocked that a smart girl like that could be manipulated like that all the way from their hometown by the senior sister and me was their guinea pig?  Na lie!  Yes , I have recently got my hands full of so many things , all needing my attention but I can never be so blinded by anything where my Princess is involved.  Yes, I was getting to relax and be lazy , if I am allowed to say so cos of the extra hand I got in fixing things around the house but again , the fear of Boko Haram and all these security messages one has been getting is enough wake up call for any Nigerian.

I gave her some money and told her to call me when she got back and let me know whatever she wanted.  Big LIE! Immediately she left, I left messages round my compound and with our security man never to let her into the compound ,my flat and most importantly , my Princess!

I am sure her senior sister wanted her to go work in some food canteen / restaurant and be paid money instead of her finishing her education. I called her and explained to her how she was stalling her sister's education.  She is the last born for goodness sake. It did hurt me so bad but I am sure her family knows what best for her.

Called her twice with different numbers and she told me they are yet to travel to their hometown for the burial.  Woooow! Good radiance.

That phase is gone.......moving to other things.


sykik said...

Kai.....that her elder sister na big enemy of progress. Thank God you had a head start and wasn't caught unawares.

I know there is plenty more gist, so I am going to take front seat for this cinema. My pop corn and coke dey my hand

You deserve all the gifts and much more shebi you know....don't worry.....we go yarn.

Anonymous said...

Always good to follow ones instinct huh? Good move!
This is one of the reasons I don't like housekeepers or maid...but wetin pesin go do? You need to make a living and still look after your is well o. Glad you are opening it up :D

Ritty said...

@Sykik, I see how you want turn me into a correct aproko but na lie! It wont work? I mean, how do you just say these things and I become so helpless and just dey yan you all my bottled up gist? This woman! Take your time .

By the way, this is not official yet but I am beginning to love the life am living,lol

Love in the air you say? *winkingandsmiling

Open invitation to go do something fun....maybe a spa treatment kinda tinz. what do you say?

Ritty said...

@Simply Mee,IB my dearest, I thank God for being alert and doing what I did. I can never know what would have happened if I allowed their plans of allowing her be with me till the said Friday.

I am so loving my life right now. Thanks for your love dearie