Tuesday, 9 April 2013

On Emotional bruises and wounds

I am sharing this piece by my friend MIU. What's your take on this? Please share. Thank you.

There is this false impression that people have of relationships, especially when it has to end. Perhaps you have heard that "even when it has to end, broken hearts will mend" or "with time you will heal." In truth, it is not every relationship that ends with bruises and wounds.

This is not to overlook the pain of disappointment and the challenges in moving On. Some suffer in pain, yet some others move forward in style. So relationships when they end, actually can empower some people to make rational decisions in the future; and creates an opportunity for one to finally be thankful of the time spent together.End of relationships should never usher in hate, and as long as the one you are hating is not contributing to your healing, why waste time hating them? When it ends, make new discoveries and move on. If you can see, you will notice that no one stands behind closed doors.

Is it that simple?

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