Friday, 19 April 2013

Just The Two of Us Gisting

When people get all excited about Fridays, I thought I knew it all as it spell out time to get down low and forget about all the stress of the week and all that.

I am joining everyone one to scream TGIF!

We are home this Friday! Yipppeeee! No location, no shooting and all the drama that is associated with it. So happy. Wow! I mean, time to do a recap with my Numero Uno Bff Princess.

Before I continue, I am so ashamed of me right now, weight wise! I am weight 90kg! That is not so cool! How come?

This discovery has been pending waiting for me to wake up to taking my health especially what I eat into serios consideration but being busy, saddled with so much on my plate kept blinding me to the reality that stared me in the face. Well, I went to the hospital during the week to have our samples checked for any likelihood of malaria or any other infection that could have followed u hme from on our shooting location. While waiting for our turn to ee h Doctor, my Princess urged me to check my weight. I did not think twice and onto the scale I went.

So now, its confirmed! I am fat!

Next step is how to work it out asap! must keep into my clothes as I am not planning changing my wardroipe so soon!

As we sit and gist about our week, my Princess adviced me against working out at home with my workout videos as I might not be so committed. Hmmm. Nice point. I will get a gym close by to register with. A new one at that.

The new term is being taking seriously too by my Princess but the school has planned their annual Inter-House Sport for this term. As the various practice for the event is heating up among the different house, there is a little snag.

In my Princess house, the house master wants her to run 200 meters, while his assistance thinks a 100 meter dash will get them a medal , which is better.

Mainwhile, as we sit to gist this evening, my Angel is painting a vivid picture and I couldn't help laughing.

"My mummy, can you just imagine them arguing about which race I should run? Let's see, that will be 300 meters all together? I am all chubby like you, I am not fat though. I can't run. Can't they see. Match pass will be just perfect."

I am sure there is still time to fix this. I am taking this up am doing something about it.

By the way, we did not wait to collect the results because my Princess is so scared of needles and screamed down the whole lab. I only went back today to pick up the results.

Off to the new gym tomorrow morning we go and hopefully, we will be faithful and consistent.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.


sykik said...

Sugar pie, Hmmmmmmnnnnn #gym things .....I am rooting for you. Hopefully, you will achieve your desired .

When will we get to watch the movie abi is it soap opera , Princess starred in ?

I sent you a mail.....

Osa said...

Nice and well written. Go sis

Ritty said...

@Sykik, girlfriend, I am so glad to have you in my corner. Just keep rooting for me and I will everly remain this SUPER!