Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Blanked Out!

Happy Easter my people of Blogville.

I have been away for a whole one month! I  know, its so unlike me but the reason has been so heavy that confiding in my closest pal, Simply Mee was what jolted me back to reality.  @Sykik stop nosing for gist, its not healthy! I don warn you bi dat!

I apologize for keeping you all in the dark about what was going on with me all this while. I really am.

Let me first go back and wish all mothers, happy belated Mothers day. Happy Easter to you all and a happy New month. Wishing you all my friends and followers all the best you wish yourself.

You all would be asking what happened to me, right?  I took time off to sort out my emotional side that was getting some form of serious attention and I simply crumbled all of a sudden!  Yeah, I, superwoman, macho mama, came crashing all to my knees .

I completely blanked out! I mean, who is ever ready for love again after being so single all these years?  Let me do a little reflecting here;

Being a single mom is one of the hardest things a sazzy, beautiful, and bold young woman can face in a life time ( at least until her title changes).

There are those times when issues that needs instant addressing especially these emotional ones that causes me to be all jelly, frail without knowing if its the right thing to do, and at the same time so ashamed to discuss it just beacuse I won't want to make another mistake again all in the name of love.

I mean I simply recoil back into my shell, blank out , lock out every other person and try to sort out this feeling.  I mean, I need answers to what the right of this shift in feeling is all about. Fear, depression, unhappiness sets in all at this time and I have to reach out to the me on the inside for answers. 

What are the signs that a single mother is ready to date again?  Should I get some counseling to get myself prepared for the new life? How do I get my Princess into this new phase? What if I will never want to try love again? Where is my instinct when I need it most!


Anonymous said...

That is it my gurl!
Let it out!
Glad you are talking about it.
And also glad to lend a shoulder to lean on..hey! you did that for me also when we were in school..ahahaha
It is a phase that would soon pass.
To your questions; Yes, you can go for counselling, and you sharing it with us, is also another form of counselling because people would share their thoughts with you.
Please don't disappear again o!
Always keep in touch.
And cupid can shoot his arrow anytime o, so One cannot say when is the best time to love or not.

sykik said...

Love is in the air...it doesn't have a timeline abeg. If its there grab it , you deserve it.


Ps: gist starvation isn't healthy oh...lol

Ritty said...

@Simply Mee, I won't disappear again sweetie. I just had so much on my hands and was confused even though I kept coming online every other day but could't bring myself to post anything.

I am still floating as it were. Thank you for being there for me all these while. You will always remain dear.

Cupid has set the target to the right position. Keep your fingers crossed *winks

Ritty said...

@ Sykik, trust me babe, I am grabbing all there is to grab in this.

By the way, welcome back