Monday, 15 April 2013

Waking Up to My New Reality

 Its been another hectic weekend gone with all the 'dry runs', Roll tape!, 'Action!', 'Quiet on set!' All mouth on Mute! Yes, that's how my weekend was spent while I was on set with Princess and the rest of the cast crew.

The whole experience is becoming one that we look forward now. Princess making sure she got her lines right and myself making sure that she has the right costumes ready for each scene.

About that........hmmmmm. I need to be pinched to wake up to the real world and accept the fact that my little girl is growing so fast and so are are size.  I mean some features are beginning to show in their appropriate places and yet I am yet to get it that a security watch is next on the agenda of my 'to-do' list as a single mother.

I mean for instance, her shoes are no more found in the children section at 9years!  She is now wearing a size 38!.

Should this be an indication that I should buckle up for more time during shopping? Extra time trying to shop for her.  I hope you understand what that means under this hot sun these days in Lagos. Secondly, going all pink is another trait I am having to deal with. I try but when you look and see her cute face innocently stare at heart just melts.

The time for these different takes on set just made me look forward to our getting back to Lagos and into our hotel room that I had planned and booked for in advance before we left for Abeokuta, Ogun State. I mean a one night stay away from home at least so we can rest with quaranteed light and no cooking, no generator noise.

Its been refreshing and I am ready for the hustle of Monday and Princess is ready to resume school tomorrow.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a beautiful week ahead.

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sykik said...

Princess is growing up real proud of her oh. You definitely have done a good job of being daddy and mummy so far. God will give you grace to continue th good work.

E ku ise....

Anonymous said...

yep! they do grow fast!.
GOD gives you the grace to take care of her and open the doors of favour for both of you.amin.