Tuesday, 21 May 2013

My Princess is 10!

 My Princess will be 10 years old on Thursday, 23rd May!

I am so excited.  I am planning a small party for her friends in school and another for her class in church on Sunday.  For the Princess, the Superstar, all she wants is a Violin.  Simple!

Friends, this is a serious matter.  An excited mother who wants to make it "happen" and a simple, merry-go-happy Princess that is not bothered about the party, just to have her own personal violin!

I need help.  How do I get her in the mood?


Mr Inspiration said...

She wants a violin right? Give her what she wants..moreover its a valuable gift that will enhance her in future...most great instrumentalist in the world started from tender ages, some 3years old! I'm learning how to play the violin my self, wish I had started at a younger age...go ahead mother! lol...cheers!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday in advance to princess and many more years of celebration and prosperity!
She does not want a party, but a violin? Then no problemo! FORGET THE PARRY, take her out to her fav eatery , and buy the violin!

sykik said...

Happy birthday to Princess. Mummy, you have to buy the violin oh...that's what she wants.

Ritty said...

@ Mr. Inspiration. Welcome to our world. Thank you so very much for ur kinds words of encouragement.

She is loving the violin and perfecting her play daily