Thursday, 6 December 2012

Examination Starts for Princess

The term is coming to an end. Other schools have already finished their exams while others just started like my Princess will be starting hers today. So we sat up this evening till an hour after her bed time so that we can do some extra revision.

Its a major one for Princess as she intends to show off her academic prowess to her other class mates. She is already the School ueen, so this setting of standard means a lot as she wants to prove that she is both beauty and brains.

Wishing my lil girl all the best


TheRustGeek said...

Aww... nice touch.. Hope she does really well..

Myne Whitman said...

All the best to her.

Ritty said...

@TheRustGeek, welcome to our world. I appreciate your comment.

I am sure she would want to prove that she has got brains with that beauty of hers.

Ritty said...

@Myne Whitman, girlfriend, I owe you one big time! Happy belated birthday. You know I follow every of your write ups but commenting can be an issue sometimes. SO sorry dear.

Thanks again for being there. Big hugs

Nenyenwa said...

kudos to her I wish her all the best

Ritty said...

@Nenyenwa, thank you dear.