Friday, 28 December 2012

Cheating and what Exodus says

Hello friends, compliment of the season. How have you all been? Its been hectic this festive season; shopping, traffic, meeting deadlines, etc. I am  Survivour, made it.

I want to thank God for making yesterday a reality, my baby sister got married to her hearthrob of 5 years. hmmm, not that I particularly like long courtship but happy that yesterday became a reality.

In the course of our being at the Registry yesterday, I listened as a small group argued away seriously on the issue of marriage after wedding and cheating and its causes. This brought me to a write up a friend had on his page. I have asked for his permission to share ( there are more thought provoking write ups by him that I will be posting later). Happy reading

Cheating is already bad enough, but being foolish in concealing the acts and exposing others to hurt is outright idiocy. How could you go and save your guys name as "Mike the Plumber." What plumber calls his clients at 12midnight? Or when did plumbers start making check calls? If you must cheat, at least save the names in your phone like a wise somebody. There must be one uncle or Aunty that your partner don't like in your family and that can come off handy here. If the uncle's name is Tony and you know that your wife dont talk to him (because he opposed the marriage) by all means use him. If your babes name is Tessy, just save as "Uncle Tee." He has every reason to call at midnight and guess what, madam will put off the phone direct to voice mail herself once she sees the name. The same goes for her, if his name is Amadi and your Husband does not like that your Aunty Edna who thinks that he is good for noting good digger. Just transfer Amadi and save as "Aunty Mimi" and guess what will happen when the idiot calls you at Midnight? Oga will remove your phone battery. So please look at Exodus 20:14.

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