Tuesday, 11 December 2012

My Dreams are coming True

The Experience was an awesome event that will leave another lasting impression in a lot of Christians heart, especially that of Princess and myself.  I did breakdown with cold and a little fever though, but I am all good now. Testimonies and lots of pictures can be found here The Experience

When the year began, I had my goals/ wishes/ dreams list like a lot of other people. Some of them have come to pass and others , well, I am having my fingers crossed. Its not over until its over. So I am hopeful. I have wished for so many things. One of which is Santa will come earlier this year with my dream car. I am having my fingers crossed.  Oh yes, I have faith and I refuse to believe that the world is coming to an end on the 12/12/12! I mean, I still some unfulfilled dreams that must come to pass.
My wish list has included giving myself a bountiful lunch at no other place than the one and only Branama Kitchen, owned by the delectable Songstress, Kefee.
Today, was that day! What did I have? Delicious Banga soup (alias Ofe Akwu) with starch. I wanted to have the taste of the real Niger Delta touch to the meal. I enjoyed myself and I am recommending it for anyone who would want to.
Kefee opened her Branama Kitchen on Sunday February 5, 2012 family and close friends in attendance. It is located at No 11, Ajose Street, Mende, Maryland - Lagos.

She definitely has some very good hands who work in the kitchen preparing these differently delicious food at very affordable prices too.

I am not doing a promo for her kitchen. I needed this treat. I mean who wouldn't? My baby sister is getting married December 27th. I am so excited and happy.  I am already on top of things.

I mean another one of my dreams/wishes for this year. I am so happy. I need a vacation.


Myne Whitman said...

The place looks good. Glad you enjoyed our south south food :)

Ritty said...

Myne darling, I enjoyed the meal more than I had anticipated. Will there be another date? Certainly.

South South delicacies? Recommended.