Friday, 28 December 2012

A Penny for my Thought.....Updating Relationship Status

Is it wrong to be changing and updating my relationship status on social forums?

 I am the only single one left in my family. My baby sister just got married yesterday, do I change my status just to feel among?  This post hits the bulls eye! What do you think? My mystery writer allowed me to share this again.

People continue to update their relationship status- from single to engaged and complicated back to single and a few weeks later, back to engaged. This seems to suggest a growing business of relationship confusion and perhaps heart break and impending depression. You have a problem when everyone you have dated is either "a useless man," a hopeless womanizer, or a "good for noting bastard". How come you are the only one all these bad guys are seeing? Meanwhile, the same guys are getting married and loving someone elsewhere. Could it be that you were too impatient, too desperate or simply intolerant in your search for a Mr Right cum Mr Perfect? How many times do you want your heart broken before you decide that the heart is now in bits and start remolding and mending it before representing it again to be loved?
Are you the type of woman you want your brother to bring home for a wife? If you think you are, then convince him and not convict him.
Well, as you can see, the year is almost rounding up, and with the few days left, you may meet some great people but it would not be until next year for that ring to enter your finger. Meanwhile, as your friends can no longer join your clubbing life style because of their impending wedding next year, you may have to reconsider your life style; Even those other ones with whom you usually share baby-sitting cost to save money for clubbing, are getting married next year. Then when you accept free flight tickets from near- strangers, just know that he intends to key out his money worth before you go- so get ready, keep it clean and less busy prior to your departure- and forget about his promises of "I go marry" which comes with "by gods grace" anyway. It does not mean much and some of us even hear our own voices making these promises- so don't take it serious. So try something new, like a new life style, attracting those friends whom, even if it does not end in marriage can still count you as a friend; stop getting pregnant for strangers in the hope that they might stay; if they stayed, it would be because of the child, not because of you, so? See a change in yourself and everything else might just fall into place. Do this and see whether it will not be you sending out cards to your friends in 2013.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to your sister.
NO! you don't have to change your status to fit in.

Happy new in advance :D

Myne Whitman said...

Interesting write up, and I agree. Enjoy the new year and best wishes!

Che said...

Happy New Year to you and princess dear. Congrats to your sister on her wedding. I also don't understand why people keep changing their relationship status. IMO, it's not necessary.

Ritty said...

@ Che, happy new year dear. Congratulations! Wow, so happy for you for your company. I am the first to follow your new page (*winks*, am sure that gets me a gift)

I am going to be evolving a new single me and if my status is going to be scaring anyone away, hmm, its his lose!

Ritty said...

@Myne, happy new year girlfriend. How did you celebrate yours? I had so much fun I complete forgot how stressed I was before then.