Friday, 30 November 2012

Awakening The Activist in Me

My dear friends, being a parent is just beautiful. As I sit in my favourite spot in my room, all relaxed and exhaling calmly, I cannot but thank God enough for the privilege of being a mother.

Listening to RoofTop Mc's song, I agree that I should be hit with a base ball bat to bring me back to reality..

I am an activist for the right of single mothers in my capacity. Oh yes! It getting to that. I mean, who speaks for us? I recently started chatting some single ladies I noticed hawking "agege bread", just to heard their side o their storied. A lot of revelations made me curl up inside and  I decided to "do something" about it.

I want to believe that there are laws in place safe guarding these issues as regards the rights and privilleges of the average Nigerian woman and her children as the case maybe. I am not a lawyer but I am curious enough to dig into all in the Law tat partains to this.

I mean, as thought provoking as this is, Princess came back from school within the week and I noticed marks on her arm! What? From where? By whom?  Whatever reason? To te extent that are skin is all d? Wow! I am on the verge of exploding! Is there no Law on punishing a cild in any school in Lagos / Nigeria? I need ome education!

I calmly asked her what happened and was shocked as reply. She explained that the bell was rang for lunch n l h tudents were expected to go t the dinning hll u h as o ngorssed in the literature novel ( Oliver Twist) she was reading that she did not hear the bell. The next thing was random caning by one of her teachers!

I really wanted to get to the root of the matter an and I called up her class teacher. He wasn't aware of what transpired and I didn't buy that at all. A few calls and twits later, I was made to understand that there is a law enacted to curb these excesses. Maybe some other parents might take it lying low, I completely don't approve of the use of cane on a child to the extent that the skin is the skin is torned up like what I saw on my Princess.

I have called the attention of the school authority t tis sa next time would not be taken so lighty.

 Do you all think I over did it? I am digging into reading more on the rights and privilleges of the opressed women and child. Who knows, I might just save a soul!


Sykik said...

Please, please, abeg you have a right to ask and demandf or explanation sef. Which kain flogging be that.

Anonymous said...

whistles! ha! i am provoking here!
A teacher tried that with my 2nd daughter, by the time i stormed the school, dem know say pesin reach there! They came home to beg me! s-h-i-o!

Please DON'T take it lying low!
Threaten them with police arrest or you will write to the board of education...then wait for their reaction.

Fluffycutething said...

my son beating no even reach to leave scar. I arrived thier proprietresses's house by 8pm....

I'm quite sure she knew even though i didnt shout, i was most displeased!

Ritty said...

@Sykik, I over react for this particular matter. My reaction made the whole school pay attention because it happen to have been the day the school Consultant and his team were around.

Ritty said...

@Simply Mee, body can pepper mothers no bi small. I can not watch another human being say because she /he over sabi or belle full come raise cane , mark my Princess skin to this kin extent and I no turn tigress? For why na?

I provoke mental. Dem gatz to beg me make i calm down. I mean say on top heavy school fees, on top all my sole wahala for pikin head, dem wan use over sabi structure my Princess body? Haba? Yawa gaz plenty.

Now, its well established in the school that I will call the Authorities if such a thing happens again to my child in that school.

Ritty said...

@Fluffycutething, how you doing dear? Thank you for your comment.

We mothers no dey take nonsense! Nine months no bi yeye o.

I like your levels jare. Next time, they will be more careful how they handle our kids that we leave in their care.