Saturday, 17 September 2011

How it all started.........

A pretty young, hardworking and fun-loving lady.......this best described me way back then, but not anymore, at least or does it? lol

I met my Cee, in line of duty. He was such a gentleman even though my friends thought he was a jerk but not me. I saw no fault. Unknown to me he was in the a terrible relationship and i was his excuse to break free.  For four years , we dated.

He had everything perfectly under control. I trusted and loved him He explained everything to me about the other relationship and i was okay with it.

I was on the pills , that means, school and work was progressing perfectly and romance was blissful until i realised i was pregnancy! All hell broke loose! My dashing prince was as ugly in all ramification of the word. he was nasty, called me names and just adviced that i go do what my other mated did in my situation......have an abortion!

I couldnt bring myself to do it. As bad as it was that my faith didnt allow it, i had nightmares. Everynight, was a different story.  I ran away from my apartment and went to live with a girlfriend for the first 3 months. It wasn't funny, there were nights i stayed up till 4am just beacuse i was hearing babies crying. I couldnt bring myself to tell anyone but my girlfriend Liz.  She understood me.

The early signs of pregnancy made waking up early for work, a different story entirely. I wasnt meeting up with  my job. My boss noticed and double my targets and it was a death wish. He called it "punishment" for me, for getting pregnant outside wedlock! I had to get to the office by 7am and wont close until 9pm everyday! I got home somedays by 11pm ( if the traffic is not so bad). The office officially opens by 8am and closes by 5pm. I had to be leaving the house by 5:30am daily , so that i could beat early morning traffic. By the 4th month, i fell sick, i had threathen abortion! i was admitted for 7days!

Thank God, i was rushed to the hospital on time or else i would have lost my baby. My boss was "caring" indeed.  He sent word to me , quoting him ' let the weak say, i am strong" lol, very funny.

I was discharged and the workload was just doubled this time around.  Indeed i was being punished from all indication. I needed to keep my mind occupied with positive thoughts , because  bills had to be paid and i was officially a single mummy in the making.

The side talks in the office was enough to break any heart but i had to be strong. My once upon a time sweet, charming, Cee, wasnt anywhere to be found, not even when I called his phone number!  I closed his page a long time ago and moved on.

By the 6th month, i was rushed again into the hospital for another round of threaten abortion! I cant afford to loose this baby. ( I was glad, the GP that attended to me was such a nice man. He was the one that delievered my Princess at the end of the day). I was there for another 7days!

A few friends stood by me and my 2 fairy godmothers. My siblings , a wonderful bunch!

At the end of the 9th month, and a whole world of experience, my PRINCESS was born ! Grateful for life and the experience thus far, but i am happy i passed through it.


@ilola said...

Awwww, I am so happy you did not abort the baby. Many of my friends that are from single mothers have turned out so great. What if their parents aborted them? God will see you through and continue to be your strength.
I will be glad to go on this journey with you

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YOU KNOW ME said...

so glad you didn't abort for the dude...e no try at all!..2morrow he go whole claim papa abi?,... mschew!'s well...she is really beautiful....GOD is your strength..i tell you, there is more freedom as a single mum than been married as i told you that day ehn? You go by the name mummy jay?..hmm.

HoneyDame said...

Uhm, it is well! I am happy you are at least happy with your decision and living up to the responsibilities too..God will strengthen you with all that you need to be all that and more to Princess

Singlenaijamum said...

@ilola, thank you. I am just doing this cos when i started, i had little experience of blogging. I have visited your blogs and will keep doing so as often as i have the time. Single parents, yes , do have their many challenges but who is ever free of the "crosses" life brings our ways.

I am glad I didn't abort her. She is an Angel. You will just love to have her around anyday.

As for the dude, he just acted as he deemed fit at that point in time. Time heals most wounds, we wait to see how this one goes.

Singlenaijamum said...

@I know you, lol, of course i know you *wink*. I am still trying to 'exhale" darling. Its been a big one coming and I do need to let off some of this steam.

I am happy with my decision. I have a child , he doesnt. We can't have it all my dear. I am just grateful for today, the future......well, na Baba God get that side.

Singlenaijamum said...

@HoneyDame, thank you dear. I appreciate every one of your comments. God bless you too.