Friday, 16 September 2011

Crying Princess

I am new to blogging but certainly not new to being a single mother.  Today wasn't so different at all, instead, as  i write this, a lot of serious thoughts are going through my head.

For starters,  it was a fun-filled summer holiday for my Princess and myself. My Princess will be resuming in a new school! That is such a relief! I couldn't wait for last term to end so that i can register her in the new school.

I had gone to the school to make all the enquiries and was comfortable with what i saw. On Tuesday, I took her to the school for the registration and to have her measurement taken for the new school uniform. She was given a wonderful reception by the Proprietress of the school. The bond was so strong, i was almost jealous. I loved it.

I got a call from my sister, Xty, saying her daughter Kiki has asking to see my Princess. On my was out, i decided to drop her at my sister's for a 2 days sleep-over . She came back from my sister's place tonight and was in tears. I was so afraid, i asked my younger sister Lenny, who helped bring her back home what happened, she simply smiled and told me to ask my daughter. Her reply was not funny at all. I had to hug and pet my Princess, i was alarmed.  When she was able to finally say what the problem was, my heart just broke! She missed her 'sister' Kiki

Kiki is an only daughter too!. The bond between these two is so strong even in sickness. That's another story for another day. Anyway, I was able to make her understand that she will be seeing Kiki soon.

I understand how lonely my Princess is being an only child but what can i do? Time will certanly tell


HoneyDame said...

Awwwww.....My siblings drive me crazy!!! And even though sometimes Iwish I was the only child, being in China now has re-routed my thinking from that direction. You can visit my blog to catch up on some of my stories....I hope and pray you find true and selfless love and maybe even siblings for Princess...:)

Singlenaijamum said...

@ HoneyDame, thank you. Its been a wonderful ride. Yes, Princess does need siblings to play with, she is too lonely. I am praying