Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Paedophile on the RUN!

What is this world turning into! It is becoming an everyday event now to hear or read of rape here, child molestation there and now Paedophile on the run?

I was narrating the ABSU gang rape story to my younger sister but instead of just being shocked , she went on to narrate a more nerve – raking  story that would make any mother, woman, in short any human being cry .

This is not a “dem say” story. It happened in this Lagos.

What was the child’s crime? I asked. ‘Hmm, Aunty, my sister explained that its because the baby was born an Albino.

The story goes thus, the father rejected the mother because she delivered the girl and she was an Albino.  He threw the mother and child out of his house.  The woman managed to get a room in a “face-me-i-face-you” compound.  She started petty trading in front of the compound they were living.

On this fateful day this incidence happened, she was outside and trying to quickly do some washing. The little girl was crying and she begged the young man ( about 23years old, who came from up town – ilu oke, as they called his village), to please help her attend to the child as she was about rinsing the clothes she was washing just a few feet away.

Sitting on a bench in the passage, he place the child in between his legs and before one knew it , he had started fingering the little girl.  She screamed but the mother not looking in their direction, just pleaded with the young man ( who happened to be the only one sitting outside then) to please rock her gently so that could stop crying but instead she screamed even much more.

By this time, he had pulled his trouser slightly down, zipped down and started to gain access into the baby. Oh my GOD!

The screaming by this time brought a middle aged man from inside the compound outside who caught him in the act. All hell was let loose as he couldn’t deny it.

God help our girl child!  I screamed!

The noise attracted people , who gathered to hear the story, some shouting, others accusing and while all of this was going on, the young man escaped!

I was shaking by this time. I enquired more, what happened to the child?  Was she taken to the hospital?  My sister who happens to be frequent in that area as result of her job, said the woman said she couldn’t afford hospital bill, so she only gave the child paracetamol. PARACETA WHAT?

I am angry.  Why na?  Does it mean being an Albino is now the woman’s fault or a what?  The child I learnt is not her usual self anymore. She doesn’t want to play with anyone nor eat.  Poor child.

Who knows who will be his next victim? He is obviously good at it. A Paedophile indeed!  

NB: paedophile esp, US, pedophile [ˈpiːdəʊˌfaɪl]. n. (Psychiatry) a person who is
sexually attracted to children. ThesaurusLegend


YOU KNOW ME said...

SO ANGRY!!!....don't know what to say sef! so you visit linda's?

HoneyDame said...

uhm? U say wetin? The end times are here....all the signs are manifesting!

Singlenaijamum said...

@You Know Me, anger is an understatement!

Singlenaijamum said...

@HoneyDame, the signs of the end times indeed.