Monday, 19 September 2011


The weekend was beautiful, i was able to rest after a very hectic week, and what better way to exhale and share than with my trusted friend, Lewis. I have a couple of single parents friends that i hang out with whenever i can. Lewis is a daddy of two lovely damsels.

Our telephone conversation was a very long one because he lives in Port- Harcourt, and he needed to catch up on what’s been going on the Eko axis of naija, lol.  He misses the hustling and bustling of everyday Lagos life.  Well, for starter, it had to be football.  Oh yes! I actually discussed football! I mean, why wont I? I am a loyal ManU fan, so I mean, its like, I should flaunt our Wins, lol. Na God say make all the gist dey for phone or else I for dey serious trouble. ( he is an Arsenal fan).

We usually have this sessions where we check up on each other to know how our girls are doing. Its been helpful.  But the recent happenings that were published in the papers came up in our chat. I mean the raping of the 9 years old girl by two men (she was left in care of her ‘Madam’). Also the gang raping of the female student of ABSU.   The question my friend asked was shocking as well as soul searching for me. God help us in this our country.

I mean the authorities would drag their feet on issues like theses and be quick to deny it or better put they are working on it until the whole issue dies down completely and its forgotton.  Parents of little angels and princess like us have a great issue on our hands. How do we ensure that our beauties are protected from such evil that is engulfing our societies on a daily basis?

Paedophile ?  This is one word that scares the life out of me!  What about you?

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