Friday, 31 August 2012

Owambe party groove.....representing

The saying goes thus 'awuf dey run belle'. Well, abeg make una no blame me. Na as the parring come become I wan yan everybodies, lol.

I had so much fun yesterday. Let me break the gist down as demanded for by my amebo alias aproko girlfriend @Simply Mee."Ol' gurl, you too like tori! Haba! I never even ready to upload all the gist but you no fit just wait!

Pictures dey Twitter! Gbam, others to be uploaded later from my laptop for instant gist, please bear with me as my blackberry is doing overload for now.

Dresses in the colour code of groom; yellow was left with my gele which was yet to be ties. At the car part, I battled with the gorgeous yellow gele ( headtie) to no avail. Yes o. I  didnt want to give myself away that I was heading for a social function that hot afternoon ( as my gele would have simply sold me out) . My neighbours would be backbitting if I tied it by that time of the day on a Thursday ( its not so common to have weddings on Thursday). So I packaged my gele in a small carrier bag, with the intention to tie it when I get to the venue. What a disappointment! For where? I  couldnt flip my hands round it the way I thought I would. What! Na by like this? which kind disgrace na? My dressing was not going to be complete without the head gear!

Just as I was battling to sort mine out, using the car window as my mirror ( as I for do?) Behold see other ladies battling away a few feet away from me. Tempted to ask for help as the one tying it for the other lady seem to be doing a very good job was met by a very polite insult. ha! na polite insult na as she explained that she just tried it once and it stayed well on her partner's head.

So,I kept trying my luck until I came up with a little close to perfect tying was achieved. Ha! Women with our wahala! Anyway, needless to say that time was far spent and a lot was happening inside, I had to rush inside before missing out of the fun.

I had a special seat just beside the couple during the introduction ceremony, then, the after party just shifted seats cos of the bandstand, to give room for dancing and other activities. This time , I and my fairy godmother( I do have one for real)  and sisters sat behind the couple. It was a special table , hehehe. I dey feel like? Ye ye, lol.

Anyway, it was fun and I am glad I went. A lot of comedian and comediens came. The Don, Alibaba, RMD and his lovely wife, Gbenga Adeyinka, The Professor, Abbey, Bovi, Lepacious Bose, AY and his wife were also present amongst others.

Music was supplied by the evergreen Commander Ebenezer Obey and Sir Shina Peters.

Food and drinks was enough for everyone and for those who wanted to take away too. The hall , flower arrangement was simple elegant, beautiful and just approciate! On point!

This is affirming that I had 'mad fun' @Dayor. I intend to have a more spectacular and exciting groove on Saturday as all those special guests who couldn't make it on Thursday will be representing well.

PS: Princess kept calling every 10minutes just to check on me and know how I was doing! My safety was of paramount priority! Love her loads.

By the way, I had to remove my lovely gele so as to ease the pain in my ears, make I no go do shakara wound myself :)

This is wishing Teju Babyface and Tobi happy married life!


Anonymous said...

ha! so nah me u call aporoko abi?
Kai! u don enter my trouble! :D

Wow! you surely had fun oo. sitting behind the couple ans special seat?...hmmm...u never tell me how u 'relate' to them oo...'u can tell me in camera' i go zip my mouth..chei u trust nah? #usai!#
anyways, that polite insult get as e be shaa! Everybody just dey code for 9ja, no trust again.
where are the pics oo.
Upload it kai! kai! since you be one of the special invitee :)

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@ilola said...

Hello ma. what is your email address? I have your assignment ready.

Ritty said...

@ SM, I miss you small. Forgive me. I have been battlng with some technical challenges that has denied my being able to fullfil my promise as regard uploading those pictures. I apologise again. No vex

Ritty said...

@ Steve, thank you for stopping by