Monday, 6 August 2012

Beach Party

The whole going out this Saturday was as exciting for me as well as my sister, who ,couldn't believe I really meant it. I was sure the excitement was beyond her. Olawale, my new friend, lol, had called to confirm, I wasn't going to disappoint him.  That was the umpteen time. I reassured him that I wasn't going to miss it .

I got myself ready and dressed for the occasion. It was held at Eleko Beach, serene and the weather was just right, cool , not hot. 

We were about 20 persons in number.  The celebrant was Olawale's colleague in the office.  He name is Chisom. It was her birthday. She invited close friends and colleagues from her office.  didn't know anybody out of the faces that had arrived until much later when a few other couple joined us when I recognized an old school mate from way back in the secondary school.

My friend, Olawale, who invited me out for the party was such a gentleman. He ensured I was introduced to everyone. He wont take my excuse of just wanting to be myself.  I enjoyed myself. I realized that going out isn't as bad or as uptight as I had programmed in my mind. Life is indeed to shot not to be enjoyed.

What did I end up wearing?  Well, a three-quarter demi-jean and a hooded top . I needed to keep warm just in case the wind was too much on the beach.

I got talking with my new found friend from way back and a lot of gist from being married with all its pros and cons. That will be for another day.  She made me realize how I should enjoy my life now as I have found it because, soon , I will wish I did some many things on my own before tying the knot. Hmmm. I wonder what these things are! 

There was enough to eat and drink. It was fun, simply fun to let go and exhale real good. There was no string attachment and enough to laugh about as office pranks were exposed by all those who pulled them.

I was dropped at home by Olawale by 8:49pm. I simply had fun.  Nice.  I should do this more often,lol

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