Tuesday, 7 August 2012

"Can't you see I am PREGNANT"!

Hello my pih poh, how are you all doing? ( Warning, that's the way gossips gets your attention).

Thank goodness, I am not one, I only want to bring a few issues out so that when I am going on with current happenings you guys won't be left out.

This brings me to this particular gist. A lot has been going on in my compound , yeah, so true. The early morning yelling at each other on days that another tenant who intends going out early, delays another who has a early appointment, all hell is let loosed.

Yesterday was one of such days. I mean, everybody got to know that Mrs. Edafe is  pregnant! What? Pregnancies has to be announced these days o! Or how else do I come to terms with how Madam was going on and on about her fragile state of health. Na so, her husband don get better work na, abi, so "go and replenish the earth" na the next thing as the Holy Bible instructed, lol.

Mr. Edafe is a smart man. He is never caught up in any of these scenes at all. he parks outside the compound until everyone is done parking for the night before he parks his car and the gate is locked for the day.

The competition between Mr Cletus and Mr. Edafe is so obvious and the cold war glaring for all to see as he recently bought a Tokunbo 2009 camry for his wife ( she can't drive, he paid a driver who comes in every morning to move the car and also teach her how to drive).its been 6weeks now though.

Yesterday morning, Mrs Cletus driver show up on time and Mr Cletus had e out, so no one to move the car for Mrs Edafe! Wahala! This was about 7:40am, she needed to get to the hospital for her atenatal but had to drop her kids for summer classes before going to he hospital.

"Can't you see I am pregnant"! "Do you want me to run late for my appointment"? For real? Abeg, which woman screams like that, announcing to h whole world that h pregnant? I needed to get the full gist. Behold, the rivalry between car owners has brewed to this stage when, even flaunting of pregnancy was the next big thing. I tire! We are not living in face-me-I-face-you compound but block of flats for goodness sake!

Madam Edafe, needed to show off and disgrace Madam Cletus that can't drive.

I just closed my blinds and continued with my  life jeje as I rounded up what I was doing before going out.

I bet the next challenge for the Cletus would be to get baby NO. 5 into their programme!


Anonymous said...

Ahahaha, what a scenario!
Parking is always a problem in block of flats...when some will have 2-3 cars for a tiny 2-bedroom flat!

Myne Whitman said...

I sometimes miss naija compound living, such drama, LOL...

Ritty said...

@SM,this scenerio on online is nothing compared to the raw deal. To think they would learn and avoid blocking our ears with the unnecessary screams daily is too much jare.

For the record, the Edafe's have 4 cars! I can't shout! I will get the details of all the cars, I am not a gossip but just so you get the clear picture of what I am taking about.

Ha, yawa go gas soonest

Ritty said...

@Myne dear, drama seems to complete the morning for these folks in my compound. I am beginning to believe that they have other motives, maybe , just maybe, to show off new outfits cos, how else do I understand why the screaming seems to be between the particular couples. For goodness sake, there are other people too living in this compound.

I don't like gossiping but I am sure I will be filling you all in on more drama :)